Laugh harder, smile bigger

Act Happy Day is an unofficial holiday that simply brings happiness and joy in life. It is celebrated on the third Monday of March, and this year is on March 20.

Back in 2004, Dr. Anderson observed the day to carry on positivity in everyday life. He believed that if people start smiling and acting happy, they would eventually feel happy.

In 1955, Dr. Anderson finished his pre-medical studies at Carleton College. Five years later, he became a surgeon at the Minnesota Medical School.

With over 35 years of experience working in the biochemical and patient education field, he had a lot of knowledge of researching health issues.

Today, a lot of us are working in a high-pressure environment, and many people begin to feel anxious and exhausted. We may find ourselves rarely laughing and truly being happy. Therefore, Dr. Anderson suggested that a person should start his/her day with a 15-minute belly laugh.

When we laugh, our brain could release a chemical called endorphins and lighten up our mood, just like some people would feel excited after workouts.

As a result, Dr. Anderson initiated this holiday to bring awareness to the benefits of laughter. Today is dedicated to delivering joyfulness and developing well-being, no matter what kind of circumstances we are facing.

This day gives us a chance to enjoy fun activities that you probably often procrastinate to do. You could also watch a comedy show or play games with a group of friends. Be sure to have everybody rolling on the floor and laughing, you might even get a stomach cramp.

Laughter is the best medicine to treat anxiety and depression. It could trigger healthy physical and emotional changes in our bodies as well as relieve pain and stress.

So, why don’t you take today to just be happy and smile? It’s very normal to have bad days in life, but nothing is better than keeping a positive mindset and moving on to solve all the problems.

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