Tenacious Mother: Helen is an exceptional wife, mother and grandmother who is appreciated by all her family members

When they were younger, Andrew and his sister Angela were recording themselves on tape when their mother Helen walked into the room. Helen farted, and the sound made them laugh so hard they were crying, which also happened to be caught on tape.

Years later, Helen and her husband Allan got the opportunity to travel to Italy. They met and spent time with the Italian side of the Guidi family.

Both of these memories are memories Andrew has always taken with him, as they are great reminders of how special his mother is. From the moment he was born until the present day, Helen has been a wonderful wife and mother who is so full of life, and every moment with her is memorable.

On top of being a great wife and mother, Helen is enjoying the role as a grandma. She loves spending time with her granddaughter and she is always engaged with her.

“She’s very supportive,” Andrew said. “Mom provided a stable home for her family along with working a full-time job. She’s also loving. She’s happy to be a grandmother to her granddaughter, Giuliana Scarpa (her maiden name) Guidi.”

Helen loves to spoil Giuliana, but more importantly, she is there for her the way she has always been there for her family. She has always made sure that her husband and children come first, and this is something that will never change.

“I admire how she is always having a sense of family and the importance of that bond,” Andrew said. “The strength and courage she showed while battling cancer too.”

Life has not been without its ups and downs, but every challenge that has been presented to Helen throughout her life has not been able to keep her down. She faces every battle with tenacity and grit, and her strength is something her loved ones can learn from.

Helen has taught her family more than just strength though. In fact, when Andrew was asked what his mother means to him, he had this to say:

“She is my mom. She raised me into the person I am today. She taught me traits that I utilize while parenting my own child (Giuliana). Without her in my life, I would think that my approach would be a lot different.”

There is no question that Helen makes an impact wherever she goes, and that the difference she makes on her family is endless. She is appreciated for this fact, and all her family members are super grateful for who she is. 

They also all know they could not do it without Helen, as she is a matriarch and the one person they can always count on. She is one special woman, and her husband, kids and grandchild are all thankful for Helen.

“Going through this process was essentially a trip down memory lane. It was nice to dig into my memory bank to recall and reflect on the impressions my mom has had on me. She is such a caring, thoughtful, loving individual who has the guts and tenacity to overcome hurdles her life has given her.” – Andrew

Tenacious Mother: Helen Guidi

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