Erin Mayfield – Amazing Mom, Wife and Friend

Erin Mayfield is an amazing woman with a big heart who cares for everyone in her life, especially her husband, Andrew, and their two beautiful daughters, Micah Gabrielle and Miller Presley.

Erin is known to be very protective, loving and caring to her girls, all the while allowing them to make many of their own decisions in life. “Erin allows the girls to learn lessons from life, believing that these life lessons will assure their future strength and stability” Andrew said, but added, “She always cares for them when they need it most. She’s the glue that keeps our family together.”

Erin and Andrew have known each other their entire lives, growing up in the same small town in North Louisiana. 

Andrew said he has always loved Erin, even before Erin loved him. This is evident when recalling a time back in junior high school when Andrew teased Erin. Andrew, in an immature adolescent way, was trying to gain the attention of Erin, which ultimately pushed Erin farther away. She did not find his teasing attractive in any way. Andrew said, in fact, “She hated me for doing that.”

Incidentally, while Andrew and Erin were in high school, the senior class performed a sociology experiment to determine who in the high school they were most compatible with. As it turned out, Erin was most compatible with Andrew, and he was most compatible with her. “I told everyone then that I would marry her someday,” Andrew said. 

Erin and Andrew dated off and on throughout high school, and then became exclusive while attending Northwestern State University in the late 90s. When Erin told her mother who she was dating, her mom said, “I sent you to college and you end up dating him.”. Erin and Andrew continued dating through college and Andrew’s statement in high school eventually became a reality. The two were married on March 25, 2000.

Family is the highest priority for Erin. Not only is she a fantastic mother and loving wife, but she also always makes time for her parents. She talks to her mother daily, even if it’s for a 10 second call, and always answers the phone when her father calls, even if it is at the most inconvenient time.

Friends are extremely important for Erin as well. She holds those that she trusts – which are very few – close to her heart. She trusts them in all walks of life and is always appreciative of their friendship. Whether traveling the world, having a glass of wine or working out, she always appreciates her time with her friends.

Additionally, her love of people and taking care of them extends beyond her family and friends, and is evident through her occupation as a school nurse at Berkshire Elementary School. “She truly cares for each child and every faculty member at that school,” Andrew said.

In addition to her passion for exercising and staying as healthy as she can, Erin loves traveling with Andrew, her girls and friends. The couple has traveled many different places in their 22 years of marriage, but some of her favorites are Hawaii, snow skiing with Gabrielle and Miller, and the annual Caribbean vacations with friends.

Erin’s supportiveness of Andrew is what he appreciates the most. “She keeps me financially sound, looks after my health and wellbeing, and is always willing to talk, even about the difficult subjects,” Andrew said. “Her financial fortitude while enjoying life and making memories with our girls is a blessing to me.” 

“Erin is my best friend. She keeps me well balanced in all facets of life.” Andrew said, adding, “Erin, I have always loved you and always will. I look forward to continuing to do life with you.”

Erin Mayfield - Amazing Mom, Wife and Friend

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