Always Prepared: Meg is a woman who is always ready for anything, and she has a tenacious heart and a will to learn

Meg Bidrowski is a superstar mom in the making.

She is pregnant with her and Erik’s first child now, and when Erik says she is looking forward to having a baby, she is looking forward to having a baby.

“I know she is going to make a great mom because she has already got stuff planned out,” Erik said. “She dearly cares about other people, and not only does that go into what she does for a living, but caring for other people will be transferred into caring for our children.”

Meg is working toward getting her Occupational Therapist degree, a passion in which she found while working in a retirement community. She has always spent her days taking care of so many people, but Erik knows this will not stop her from being the most caring and loving mother in the world.

He speaks so highly of the relationships she has with each of her family members, and he knows these relationships are only preparing her even more for motherhood. Whether it is the weekly golfing with her dad or the crocheting with her mother, or even the way she adores her two nephews and niece, Erik knows she is more than ready for motherhood.

And what’s more? Meg has been working toward her aforementioned master’s degree while being pregnant. Talk about perseverance!

Meg is just an amazing person all around who is always there for others. She cares about people more than anything, and she is always doing whatever she can to make those around her happy.

“She is pretty willing to go with whatever someone wants to do,” Erik said. “Our first date was to a WWF Raw performance. That alone shows you that she is pretty game to enjoy others’ interests and activities. She is definitely a selfless person.”

As long as the people around her are happy, that is all that matters to Meg. She wants to bring joy to others in any way that she can, and she is also a yoga enthusiast.

She is also a very hardworking individual who is not afraid to set goals and work hard to achieve them. As mentioned before, she is working toward her master’s degree while being pregnant, which is an amazing feat that cannot be reiterated enough.

“My wife is a go-getter,” Erik said. “She knows what she wants. She is going to get all A’s in her master’s program. She is a prepared and a planner. I’m not. She also cares deeply about her family – her mother, father, sister, sister’s kids – and closeness of family is important to her. I very much appreciate that about her, as that is very much who she is.”

At the end of the day, nothing is more important to Meg than family. They are the most important thing in the world to her. She is also the most important person in the world to Erik, and it is not even close.

When asked what she means to him, he spoke even more highly of her.

“She is my best friend,” Erik said. “She is the reason I am where I am today. She is the reason our lives move forward today. I couldn’t do it without her. She is a tenacious individual who inspires me to do that every day.”

She is Erik’s everything, and he is truly looking forward to growing his family together with her.always prepared

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