Always There: Courtney has been Jason’s main woman for a long time now, and he is so thankful for who she is

From working hard to having fun with her kids, Courtney Potts is a very well-rounded individual who people love to be around.

One of the people who especially enjoys Courtney’s presence is her husband of 15 years, Jason. He is constantly blown away by how amazing his wife is. She does everything for family and she always has his back, and he appreciates this.

Jason also appreciates the personality Courtney possesses. She has so much to offer, and he is reminded on a daily basis why he fell in love with her in the first place.

“She is very kind and beautiful,” Jason said. “She has a great sense of humour.”

Courtney is very easy to get along with. She can light up any room with a smile, and her laugh is contagious.

Her motherly abilities are also top notch. People love seeing just how much Courtney loves and nourishes her kids, and Jason knows his children have the best mom in the world.

“She always puts her kids first,” he said. “She does whatever it takes for them. She knows everything that is going on in their lives and is always looking to do things for them. She puts their interests before hers. She is very selfless.”

Courtney wants what is best for her children, and that is simply remarkable. Everything she does in her life is centered around her kids, and that is not something to be taken lightly.

The kids all love the time they get to spend with their mom as well. From getting to dance and listen to music with her to playing board games, there is nothing they do not enjoy doing with her.

Brianna (10), Carter (8) and Lucas (4) all look up to their mom as well, and they know she does so much for them.

“She helps us with schoolwork and games,” they said.

Courtney is an everlasting presence in her children’s lives, and she is also an everlasting presence in her husband’s life. She is his number one companion, and the kids even notice the strong, loving relationship she has with him.

“She is very kind and nice. She always helps him out.”

Courtney is not only Jason’s best friend, but she is his confidant as well. She helps bring out the best in him, and he learns so much from her just by being in her presence. He would not be the same without her, and he is thankful for who she is.

“She reminds me to be a more neat and organized person everyday,” Jason said. “This helps at home and at work.”

Courtney is just a wonderful person overall. She is there for others and she is a steady, reliable companion. Her family and friends trust her and admire her, and they know she is one of a kind.

“Courtney, thank you for always caring and loving all of us. We know you put all of us first over yourself and we want you to start chasing your other dreams. You are a great mom and wife, and we are so lucky to have you.” – Jason

Always There  Courtney has been Jason’s main woman for a long time now, and he is so thankful for who she is

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