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talk about death

It’s a death celebration day (Dying to Know Day)

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

August 8, 2022

Death is inevitable. That’s why in Australia, they normalize talking about death and even devote an entire day to it.

Today, August 8, 2022, is Dying to Know Day, which is a day set aside by Australia to talk about the inevitable. They take this day to try and give people the ease of mind when it comes to death, as well as to have conversations about the type of death you might want to have.

It can also be a reminder to not take life for granted and to take a moment to all those in your life that have passed on.

Whether you agree with this type of commemorating holiday, it exists and is interesting nonetheless, and you can read more about this sensitive and potentially controversial day here.


coworking environment

No, today is not a day focused on appreciating your coworkers (Co-Working Day)

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

August 9, 2022

Today is a great reminder to cowork with people.

And when we say cowork, we are not talking about being great coworkers toward your fellow colleagues. While we will always encourage you to treat the people around you with respect, today is not a day to celebrate being coworkers with someone.

Instead, it is a day to celebrate coworking with other people.

When it comes to coworking, you are working jointly with other people in different fields and/or work environments to complete some sort of task, such as a project. This day was concepted back in 2005 to encourage people to come together in a creative atmosphere and put their minds together.

The first coworking space was founded by hackers back in 1995, but it has now evolved into workspaces where people in all different types of industries can come together as one.

Now, since COVID, coworking has expanded immensely, as many more people are working from home but do not necessarily like to work from home every day. They like to use creative hubs such as coffee shops and libraries to expand their minds and to work alongside other remote workers in other industries, and it is becoming infinitely more popular in 2022.

That said, coworking does not mean the same exact thing to everyone, but on this CoWorking Day, we should all be mindful that doing so can truly help expand our creative minds.


laziness to the max

Have yourself a lazy day

Post by Nathaniel Chambers

August 10, 2022

In a world where we are constantly in the go-go-go mindset, it is not always a bad thing to take a lazy day.

I am not saying that you should ignore everything completely, but what I am saying is that it is sometimes okay to put things off to take a bit of a rest. That is probably why National Lazy Day was invented, as it is a good reminder that we all have couch potato-ness somewhere deep down inside us.

Take this day to remember that when we do not take breaks, we are going to burn ourselves out, so the next time you get a chance, take a day for yourself and try to keep the tasks at a minimum. You’ve earned it!



Let’s honor the important anniversaries today

Post by Xiaotong Meng

August 11, 2022

Celebrating anniversaries is an essential part of our lives, which feature a lot of memorable events such as birth, baptism, wedding, funeral, etc.

August 11, a day for us to learn about the history of anniversaries. 

The word was first used to celebrate saints in Catholic feasts. After all, it developed into national holidays for each country to commemorate their significant events that happened in the past.

No matter what kind of anniversary you want to acknowledge, celebrating the birth of a child, remembering the death of a loved one, or marking the independence of a nation, you can always learn something new about the history of anniversaries on this day.


Thailand mother

Mother’s Day in Thailand has multiple meanings to the people

Post by Xiaotong Meng

August 12, 2022

Despite where you come from, moms should always receive love and gratitude toward their children all year around.

In Thailand, people celebrate Mother’s Day each year on August 12. It is the time for children to express their special thankfulness to their moms in the spotlight for the day. Most children often prepare jasmine flowers to give to moms, which represent purity and gentleness in Thai culture.

Mother’s Day is also a celebration for the Mother of all Thai people, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. People often use theportrait of the queen with colorful lights in celebrating her birthday across the country.

Another important part for this day is distributing alms to monks as well as the people who are mostly in need.

We will never know what the future brings for us, so call your mom and say “I love you” to her right now.

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