An Altruistic Woman: Kristi is someone who is constantly thinking of others before herself, and that is an amazing trait in and of itself

For Kristi Flatt, family has always been the top priority in her life, and this is something her husband of 35 years, Michael, has learned to appreciate over time.

Growing up until now, Kristi has had a very tight-knit relationship with her family. Her parents, Bob and Kathy, have always shown her and her brother, Greg, nothing but love and dedication. This is something that has rubbed off well on Kristi, as she has always shown Michael and their children – Lauren, Camryn and Tyler – nothing but love and dedication.

On top of this, Kristi had a very strong bond with her grandmother and the matriarch of her entire family, Mama Beard, who lived to be 107. She loved Mama Beard so much and had such a strong relationship with her, and so much of who Kristi is as a mother and grandmother today can be attributed to Mama Beard.

“Kristi will always go without to make sure everyone has what they need,” Michael said. “She never really cared about the career path as much as being there for her family. We never missed any of our kids’ events.  Kristi does what good mothers do – nurtures, talks to them, and she graduated high school three more times because of helping them with all their schoolwork. There has been a lot her of time given to everybody else.”

That is just who Kristi is. She is going to be there for the people she cares about without thinking twice.

“She’s very loyal,” Michael said. “She will drop anything at any time to support or be with a good friend. She will also clean up your house if she is there long enough.

Her best friend Holli said it best: “Kristi is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. You have been there with me through the good and bad and I am forever grateful to have you in my life. You mean more to me than you will ever know! I love you.”

From the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew there was something special about Kristi – as did his mother, when she told him that Kristi was the one the moment she met her as well. One might think that Kristi is somewhat unapproachable because how attractive she is, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. She gets along with everyone and is always willing to do what people she cares about enjoys and will feel right at home in the process, as evidenced by her and Holli badgering with fans in Chicago at the 2005 World Series.

“Her looks are one thing that stuck out to me right off the bat,” Michael said. “I married way above my pay grade. More than that, however, she’s easygoing, not confrontational and she will keep to herself… that is until she’s had enough!”

If you could not tell already, Kristi’s personality is amazing. She is a fun-loving mom, a dancing and singing individual who sees the bright side of things, and she goes through life with a glass half full attitude.

“I don’t think she lets a lot of things phase her,” Michael said. “She takes each day as they come. She keeps her priorities straight and she’s very consistent, which is exactly what I have needed to keep me centered.”

As mentioned right off the bat, family has always been the top priority in Kristi’s life.

Michael and Kristi are also very proud of their kids. Lauren works with her mother every day, Camryn and Weston were married in February of 2021 and have now started their family with the birth of their son, and Tyler is well on his way to becoming an electrician.

From when her children were growing up until even now, Kristi makes sure they have everything they need, and she has been their number one support system from day one. To this day, all three of them are more than appreciative of all their mom has done for them, and they even wanted to each say a little something about their amazing mother:

“Mom knows me better than I know myself,” Tyler said.

“She has a soft heart, she’s giving and considerate, and she was able to establish a good balance of discipline or tough love and just love,” Lauren said. “She actually knows her kids and communicates with them.”

“Mom is always there for her babies no matter what, and getting to do a mother/daughter dance at my wedding will always be a cherished memory for me,” Camryn exclaimed.

And now, on top of being always there for her children, Kristi gets to be “KK” to her grandson, Walker, and all future grandchildren to come. She shows him so much love, and her husband and kids all know she is going to pass on the importance of family to him and many generations to come.

From her hosting everybody for Sunday dinners to their endless memories of trips to Cabo – where she loves to go to “The Office” for dinner and people watching – bar hopping in Nashville and so much more, Michael has truly enjoyed the last 35 years of marriage to Kristi, and he is looking forward to the next 35-plus years of having his best friend by his side.

“Kristi deserves way more than what I have been able to give her, but as I look at our family, I would say that we have done a great job. I also know that our next chapter is going to be fantastic and very rewarding!” – Michael


an altruistic woman

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