Let’s get “wiggy” today!


National Big Wig Day is celebrated on the last Friday of January. This year is on January 27.

Today, wearing wigs has gradually become a lifestyle and a fashion trend. The history of the use of a wig can be dated back to ancient Egypt when people wore wigs to protect their shaved heads from sunlight.

From the 16th to 18th century, the Europeans began to use wigs to combat baldness as a result of the syphilis epidemic. It gradually developed into a form of fashion after receiving the approval from King Louis XIV.

Later on in the 20th century, different types of wigs were introduced, and a lot more people started to dress up while wearing wigs.

On January 2, 2016, the inventor of this holiday, Patty Sharkey, posted a “wigged out” selfie of herself having a raspberry and chocolate-colored curly wig on Facebook, writing “Happy National Wig Day.”

Surprisingly, people from all over the world started to share this silliness and craziness with Sharkey while raising funds and creating a charity forum for a cause.

Therefore, while we are having fun with our favorite silly wigs, keep in mind that the highlight of this holiday is to encourage people to donate as little as $1 to the American Cancer Society or other charities.

It is a special day for people not only to enjoy a good time of sharing their coolest wig looks, but also to bring out awareness to donate funds for those who are suffering from cancer or other illnesses.

Aside from the fun part, it is amazing to see that every human being displays a sense of humanity, compassion and affection toward those who need a little extra help by donating money to various nonprofit organizations.

Our world has become a better place because of the contribution of each and everyone of us.

What a wonderful way to celebrate this holiday by seeing both the young and the old generations unite together to fundraise, with the purpose of supporting people who keep battling cancer.

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