‘We love you, Kainaz!’: On her birthday, Kainaz’s family wants to remind her to be proud of everything she has accomplished and overcome

If you’ve ever met Kainaz Bhesania, then you know just how amazing this woman is. She has an exceptionally well-rounded personality that is appreciated and admired by many. From the way she treats others to the way she gives a little sass in certain situations, Kainaz is one of a kind.

Kainaz is a very caring individual. She cares deeply for others and has a big heart. She would do anything for anyone, and her sense of selflessness is something that sticks out like a sore thumb.

She will always have your back no matter what. If you need her for anything, she is there in a heartbeat.

“She’s always there morning, noon and night,” Kainaz’s brother Zubin said. “She’s willing to go the extra mile to help anyone in need.”

Family comes first in every situation, and that is a truly admirable trait. Kainaz does everything for the sake of family, and she is constantly putting herself last for the good of her family members – her parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews, husband, daughter and dog.

Anyone who knows Kainaz well knows that she has a flair for the dramatic. She is not afraid to give a little attitude when a situation warrants it, and her husband Sean said their almost-2-year-old daughter Chloe has inherited this trait from her mother.

“Kainaz is feisty,” Sean said. “However, I can’t help but laugh when she gets this way. Once, when our dog wouldn’t comply with her demands, she gave him silent treatment!”

There is no doubt that Kainaz is strong-willed and is not afraid to take over a situation. She is a strong, independent woman, and Sean appreciates this about his wife.

However, Kainaz’s feistiness is not the only personality trait that sticks out. She has a heart of gold, and what you see is what you get with Kainaz.

“I admire her courage, kindness and generosity,” Sean said. “Kainaz is never afraid to tell us what’s on her mind – the good, the bad and the ugly.”

It’s no surprise that Kainaz chose a career path dedicated to helping people – nursing. She worked for several years at the hospital in the NICU and Pediatrics units, often sacrificing her own well-being to help others.

“Her intuition with children and babies is second to none”, says Sean. “I see it first-hand every day with how she treats our daughter, Chloe.”

Talk about a truly selfless and genuine individual.

It’s amazing to see someone constantly put such care on display when they go to work. But what is even more amazing is that care does not stop when Kainaz comes home. Kainaz is an amazing wife, mother and aunt who never fails to look out for those closest to her, and that is simply remarkable.

“She fiercely stands up for her family and those close to her,” Sean said. “She’s intelligent and a great role model for the next generation. I also admire how hard she works to educate and entertain our daughter, Chloe. She’s constantly coming up with new arts and crafts activities and new places to visit. If it were left to me, we would be at home watching hockey every day. She adds excitement and adventure to our lives.”

Kainaz is someone who loves to explore as well. Her desire to get out and try new things is something that adds to her great sense of motherhood, as do many other things.

She is always there for her baby girl, and she is always looking out for her. She is a mama bear in that sense, and Sean does not complain one bit.

Kainaz would do anything for her daughter, nephews and nieces. She is an everlasting presence in their lives, and that is something that Sean knows they cannot take for granted.

“I can’t say enough how good Kainaz is with our kids – Chloe and our dog Severide – and our nephews and nieces. They love her dearly,” Sean said.

“She’s patient with her daughter and cares so much about her,” Zubin added.

Sean loves Kainaz dearly as well. He is so grateful to be married to her, and he is thankful for who she is.

Kainaz is also notorious for using incorrect words and phrasing, earning her the nickname “Hermit the Frog.” However, what sticks out the most is her devotion to her family and friends. She is a special woman who is second to none, and her loved ones are thankful for such.

“My sister means the world to me! She’s been a great role model for me and has taught me to be independent and self-reliant.” – Zubin

“I want Kainaz to know that she should be proud of herself. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and in 2022. She should be so proud of what she has become. We love you, Kainaz!” – Sean

‘We love you, Kainaz!’

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