‘Built On Love’: Michael and Sarah’s marriage is built on love, adoration and the simple fact that they are made for each other

When you look at some couples, you can just tell they are meant to be.

This is certainly the case for Michael and Sarah Giamoni. The couple got married last year, about a year and a half after meeting one another, and Michael will tell you Sarah is everything he prayed for. From her personality to the endless love she shows him on a daily basis, he knows he could not have asked for a better woman to call his wife.

“Sarah is very family oriented,” Michael said. “She cares about everyone. She spent 16 years as a nurse, so she is a natural caregiver. She will do anything to make people happy, to a fault. Sarah is very caring, loving and sweet. She’s an all-around amazing person and my favorite human in the world.”

The past year has helped change Michael’s perspective on many things, and this is all thanks to who he is married to. Being married to such a wonderful and loving person has made him realize that relationships can last a lifetime when you are with the right person.

In the last year (and the year and a half before that), Michael and Sarah have worked hard to make their relationship last, and if the first year is any indication, they are true soulmates who will be together until the end of time. They lift each other up and help guide one another in the right direction, and they have true compassion for each other.

“Sarah teaches me patience and she teaches me to think about the big picture and not get caught up in a short-term setback,” Michael said. “She’s taught me that relationships can work through problems and last. She’s given me a lot of confidence and trust that your wife can be your best friend as well.”

All it takes to realize this is being with the right person, and Michael and Sarah both realize that they found the right person in each other. They are building the foundation for a marriage that will last by the simple realization that, in a marriage, when you truly love a person, it becomes much easier to forgive than it is to hold on to hurt feelings.

They have also made sure the important things in life are what come first. One of these important things is finding ways to spend time together doing things they both enjoy, and that is something they have done ever since they first met.

“We’re all about experiences,” Michael said. “We travel a lot. During the pandemic, we went to Utah in September 2020 and hiked the five major parks in a one-week period. Being able to travel during the pandemic, while many were not, made the trip an extra special memory.”

The Giamoni’s have also traveled many places, such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Disney and multiple trips to local beaches together to name a few. Sarah has learned to enjoy sharing going to sporting events with Michael which has meant the world to him. They are also looking forward to their anniversary trip to Cabo and their trip to Los Angeles coming up this fall. When not working, they can often be found on a new adventure.

“We’re always looking for new experiences,” Michael said. “We are looking forward to our children having children and being able to spoil our grandchildren. We just sold our house, so we are looking for a property to build a new house. We are also looking forward to more travel and overall just enjoying life, and spending time with our families.”

Michael is also looking forward to falling more and more in love with Sarah. It is something that is easy because of her personality, and he knows that he will continue to find more reasons to love her every day.

He also wanted to note how great of his mom Sarah is and how much he appreciates her in that regard.

“She would do anything for her children,” Michael said. “She would also do anything for my son. Regardless of whether it’s her children or mine, she would do anything for them. She bends over backwards and loves them unconditionally. She’s a fantastic mom.”

It is so easy to see why Michael loves and adores Sarah as much as he does, and it should not be doubted that this couple is built to last. They love one another more than anything, and they are always there for each other.

“I see her as the most beautiful woman in the world on the outside, but her personality and heart is what makes her so special,” Michael concluded. “I need her to know how much I appreciate her, and that, even though I don’t say it enough, she is everything to me.”


built on love

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