I put everything I’ve got in my pocket

Car Keys and Small Change Day is on February 28. We use today to celebrate a small opening or pouch on our clothes, and it could carry many small items. Yes, it is a pocket.

The history of the pocket can be dated back to 3300 B.C. when Ötzi wore a belt that had a pouch on it, which was used to put drill, scraper, bone awl and a lot more other tools.

The word pocket was transformed from a French word: pouque. In the 13th century, the first form of pocket appeared in Europe, which was known as the “fitchet.”

One century later, pockets became very noticeable again. People could remove pockets or even hang them as purses. The most interesting design of those pocket purses was that they could hide underneath clothes to prevent theft.

Later in the 17th century, pockets developed into an important part of men’s clothes. However, it didn’t apply to women who still needed to use those tied pouches underneath their clothes. At that time, women were seen wearing pockets outside clothing as a fashion trend until the 1800s.

During the 1920s, some female film stars began to wear male attires, which led to the appearance of pockets on women’s clothes as well.

Today, we have five major types of pockets. They are fob pockets (used to carry a pocket watch), camp pockets (a pocket sewn into the outer part of a clothing), slit pockets (cut into a garment), beer pockets (designed to carry a bottle of beer) and lastly, patch pockets (sewn patchwork style onto a single piece of clothing).

Without the invention of pockets, where should we keep our car keys and small items? Pockets make our lives easier. 

From this unofficial holiday, we could also learn to appreciate those little things in life. We shouldn’t take anything for granted, even if it is a tiny pocket. Take advantage of today to learn more about the development of fashion over time.

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