You look like a superstar in your clashing outfit

clashing shoes

Have you been wearing the same black and white outfits every day? Do you get bored of not having something fun to wear? No worries. We’ve got your back.

Every year, the fourth Thursday in January is Clashing Clothes Day, which falls on January 26 this year.

Clothing has existed for over 100,000 years. In ancient times, people would find natural materials, such as animal skin and big leaves, to make clothes, in order to protect themselves from rough rocks, stones, insects and different weather conditions.

Over time, clothes are not only designed as a protection to people, but it becomes a fashion and lifestyle that consistently leads to new development.

Around the 1800s, many designers set up a fashion house in France with brand-new, innovative and never used materials and designs. At that time, people were shocked and intrigued.

After that, various fashion trends took over the world, spreading from Europe to all over the globe. A lot of categories began to emerge, including sportswear, business wear, loungewear, etc. 

Designers, celebrities, models and a lot more influential people around the world play important social roles for setting up fashion trends, which established some unofficial fashion rules. 

Many people would follow those then decide what to wear, however, today is a great opportunity to dress in clashing clothes from head to toe. Everyone is encouraged to show off your mixed color, feature and printed outfit, without the fashion rules blocking your creativity.

A holiday like this allows us to stand out and tolerate differences from one another. No matter what clashing outfit you choose to wear, you will certainly slay throughout the entire day with confidence.

A little tip for you: don’t forget to share your catchy outfit on social media. You never know, it might become an inspiration for others to put together their clashing looks.

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