A Lovely Mother, Wife & Grandma: With 10 siblings and five children, Denise has a lot of love to pass around

When Denise Farrell was born in Beach Grove, Indiana, as the second youngest of 11 siblings, no one was sure exactly what she was going to do to make sure she stuck out from the rest of her siblings.

I mean, their names all start with the same letter and had the same amazing parents to look up to.

However, what Denise has done to individualize herself is truly remarkable. Not only has she been a wonderful lab technician and dental assistant for almost 40 years, but her personality is off the charts.

Denise’s family pointed out the fact that she is strong-willed, protective, nonjudgmental, humble and has a great sense of humor. But more than that, Denise is a wonderful mother who would do anything for her children, and they are all appreciative of who their mother is.

“My mom means everything to me,” her middle son Clayton said. “She is the backbone that holds our whole family together. Without her, my siblings and I would not be where or who we are today.”

Denise has helped shape and mold her children into the people they are today, and for that she should be proud. They all look up to their mother and the way she treats others, but more than that they have always looked up to what all she has done for the betterment of their lives.

Over the years, Denise has given up so much to make sure her five children have the best lives possible, and none of them take that for granted.

“The sacrifices she made raising my siblings and I is what stands out the most,” Clayton said. “Her putting her kids first before herself, doing whatever she could to make ends meet. She is always an honest conversation or a shoulder to cry on when needed.”

As a mother, Denise can do it all. She raised her children to be hardworking, respectful young adults, and she has taught them the importance of always being there for your loved ones. Between the marriage she has to their father, Brian, and how well she has always treated Coleman, Kelsey, Clayton, Carlton and Kaleigh, Denise’s love for her family has never wavered.

“She is good to us because she is always there for us when we need her, even if it’s just for simple advice,” Kelsey said. “She is full of life and is always willing to join in on spontaneous adventures.”

Some of these spontaneous adventures have included many trips to the family cabin, golfing and road trips. She also loves going on rural king trips with Brian. And of course, Denise loves just spending time with family in general, and any time even just a few of them get together, there are many laughs shared and some memories made.

Denise’s aforementioned three-plus decades of employment has also taught her kids some life lessons they take with them to this day. Being dedicated to your work and staying loyal is important, and they all know this.

“My mom has taught me how to work hard and go after my goals,” Kelsey said. “She has taught me about what is truly important in life and the beauty of living a simple life. My mom has always taught me that nothing is handed to you in life, which has shaped my work ethic and desire to always improve myself. My mom taught me how to be stubborn, stick up for myself and to know my worth.”

So, not only have Denise’s kids learned what hard work looks like, but they have also learned how to stand up for themselves. She has taught them the difference between right and wrong, and that while it is important to always treat others well, you have to look out for yourself first and foremost.

That does not mean that Denise is not a selfless individual, however. She cares deeply about everyone, and her family is always her number one priority.

“Her willingness to help anyone and everyone she can is what makes her good to others,” Clayton said. “Her father (my grandpa) is 93-years-old and lives by himself. Although we joke about how annoyed he makes her with his five phone calls a day needing something, she never bats an eye and is always there. She would do that for anyone, even if it’s not for someone of relation.”

And we would be remiss to not talk about Denise’s other half a little bit as well. Her husband of 35 years has been by her side, which is a relationship their children have taken after. Their children have learned so much from watching the love between Denise and Brian unfold more and more each day, as well as the love Denise and Brian have for their kids.

“It has been a team effort and a long road raising the five kids to who they are today and we could not have done it without each other,” Brian said. “I love her very much.”

Brian and Denise complement each other so well, and that speaks true volumes to who Denise is in particular. Plus Brian knows that all of her wonderful characteristics are going to be instilled into their grandchildren as they grow up as well.

Overall, Denise has such a caring heart and a well-rounded personality, which is why her family appreciates her as much as they do. They love her so much and are glad to have her in their lives, and her children in particular are grateful to call her Mom.

“I hope that my mom can feel the love that our family has for her. I hope that this story will be a daily reminder of how special and important she is to all of us, and the impact she has had in shaping us to be the people we are today.” – Kelsey

Denise, you are loved and you are appreciated. Never forget that.

a lovely mother, wife and grandma

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