What You Should Know About Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day is a worldwide holiday that is celebrated by an estimated two billion people each year. It falls on the second Monday in March, which takes place on March 13 this year.

In 1902, this holiday was originally called “Empire Day” in honor of Queen Victoria. Then the idea was transformed into establishing a holiday to glorify England, the unity between nations of the Commonwealth and its pursuit of freedom, justice and tolerance.

Empire Day was celebrated in Canada for 14 years before its official worldwide recognition. Ten years later, this holiday became more well-known in Europe, specifically in Great Britain.

In 1925, the British royal family attended an Empire Day Thanksgiving celebration at Wembley Stadium, and it brought over 90,000 people to follow this big event.

In 1958, the then-Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan, renamed Empire Day as Commonwealth Day, sharing culture and history together. Later on, the Royal Commonwealth Society observed the second Monday in March as the date to celebrate.

Today, there is a lot of controversy behind the mortality of the Commonwealth. Some countries view it as a significant public holiday while others may still identify the Queen of England as their sovereign.

The Commonwealth of nations includes 53 countries with only 16 still recognizing the British Queen as their monarch. In this case, lots of debates are raised about whether or not this is a problematic holiday.

However, Commonwealth Day is still celebrated by many countries around the world. It is a vital historical day to celebrate unity and diversity in order to foster a better understanding of the role of the Commonwealth association.

On this day, you can find several parties and interesting festivals held with good food and music in different parts of the world, as well as many celebrities speaking in honor of the Commonwealth.

Therefore, no matter where you are, don’t be afraid to go out and find a place to celebrate. It is a great time to show your pride and support for the achievements of the Commonwealth.

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