A Love Destined To Be: Cindy Broome changed Jerry Broome’s Life Forever and it Couldn’t Have Been Any Other Way

Over 16 years ago Cindy Broome took a leap of faith as she put herself out there on Match.com. She was praying for a good man and little did she know that her prayers were about to be answered by a man whose life she would change forever.

You see, Jerry Broome was also searching for that right person and little did he know that he was about to meet the love of his life. After three previous dates, including one that ended with his date asking him to borrow money, his luck was about to change.

Jerry was ready to give up on the online dating service after he had noticed a charge on his account for an auto-renewal of his subscription. He went home to cancel, but, after signing on, he saw his future wife Cindy’s elegant face and he decided to give it one last try.

Fate truly stepped in to seal the destiny of these two lovebirds as it turns out that Cindy had only made the account for a friend who ended up meeting someone. Instead of deleting her friend’s account, she uploaded her own picture just as her future husband was about to delete his account. The timing was impeccable, but certainly no coincidence. 

They matched and their first date was set at Camino Real as Jerry instantly fell in love with her smile before lunch had even arrived. When they went on their first nighttime date to Red Lobster Jerry noticed a smudge on Cindy’s shirt and asked her about it. When she told him it was car grease and she’d been working on her car with her daughter Jerry was smitten as he’d fallen totally in love with Cindy.

He admired Cindy’s ability to help and uplift others, whether as a teacher’s aid helping children with math or reading at school, teaching children in church, being a loving mother and grandmother or supporting him in his own life. When asked to sum up what else he admires about his wife he quoted the title of a song: “I love how you love me.”

The two have shared many wonderful memories in more than 16 years together including horseback riding, weekends at the lake and times they went fishing, even if they never caught anything. Part of the beauty of their love is that they can enjoy anything together.

Cindy even went to two back to back 4-day music festivals in two consecutive weekends. It would be sometime later that Jerry would find out that Cindy wasn’t as big a music fanatic as him, and this was the moment when he realized how much she truly loved being with him and how they could enjoy anything together.

Their wedding song was “Keeper of the Stars,” a song that opens with the perfect line describing their relationship’s beginning, “It was no accident, me finding you, someone had a hand in it, long before we ever knew.”

Cindy has changed Jerry’s life in ways he could have never imagined restoring his faith in God. With that faith Jerry knows that the best is yet to come as this powerful story of faith, family and love continues.

A Love Destined To Be: Cindy Broome

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