‘She’s My Everything’: It might’ve taken Johnny and Kristen a little while to get here, but they are now happily married

“We were introduced by our friend Fico. Kristen saw a picture of me and fell in love instantly. At first I knew she was the one when she told me that she was in love with me. I’ve never had anyone love me and make me feel the way I feel like she does.”

The way Johnny and Kristen Caporaso met was very unique, and it speaks to the uniqueness of their relationship as a whole. After dating on and off for close to a decade, these two finally decided to tie the knot.

And boy, Johnny will tell you it is the best decision he ever made. Despite them being married for just over a month, it has been a month-plus full of love and fun. He has his best friend and his soulmate by his side, and he could not have imagined saying, “I do” to anyone else.

Kristen is a one of a kind woman who brings so much love and joy into this world, and the way she treats others is special. Johnny gets to see day in and day out just how much other people mean to her, and he is glad that he gets to be shown her love each and every day.

“Kristen is a very caring and loving person,” Johnny said. “She always gets excited to do things for other people, especially giving gifts. She is very thoughtful and is always looking to please other people. She is absolutely stunning and beautiful. She is a very trustworthy person, which is hard to find nowadays. She loves unconditionally, and I know she would do anything for me or her family.”

Kristen is always there. She is a steadfast presence in the lives of the people she loves, and she would certainly do anything for her family and friends. She has people’s backs no matter what, and the people she is closest to know just how reliable she is.

“She is a very trustworthy woman,” Johnny said. “She is very family oriented, and I cannot wait to start a family with her. She is always excited to surprise and help others. She will love me until the day I die. Even when she’s mad I know her love will never lessen. She has a very strong and loving heart.”

It takes a lot to get Kristen truly mad at you, and this patience she has with other people is a true virtue. She loves to love and she loves to help people, and her heart is very precious.

Johnny also knows that because of her selflessness, dedication and compassion, his wife will one day make a great mother. She is already an amazing aunt to her niece and nephews, as well as a great dog mom to six dogs, but Johnny knows her love is just getting started.

Kristen is also someone who Johnny knows will always have his back. He can count on her to uplift him through the good days and the bad, and he appreciates this so much.

“When I’m down, she uses her kindness to help pick me up,” Johnny said. “When something is wrong, she is always there to help me. I know no matter what she has my back and will do anything for me.”

Kristen is so full of kindness, and this feeds well into the way she treats others. She is very nice and sweet, and Johnny loves this about her.

He also loves the fact that when they are together, they can be themselves. They both can do their own thing and trust one another, although Johnny might want to put a spending limit on her credit card.

“Shopping, shopping and shopping. That is what Kristen loves to do,” Johnny said. “Kristen also likes to lounge most of the time, but we do go out occasionally. We also like to take vacations to Texas and other states during the year. Most of her free time goes toward organizing her closet. She is also a horse trainer and rider. If she had the money, she would have her own horse farm. Horses mean a lot to her.”

People mean a lot to Kristen, but so do horses. She has a special bond with every horse she ever meets, and that is something special.

However, there is nothing that is more important to her than the love between her and her husband. Johnny and Kristen enjoy doing everything together, whether it is traveling or cooking, and they also love family time.

And of course, Johnny just really loves getting to call Kristen his wife. She makes his life so much better, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for them.

“She is the reason I keep pushing through. I do the things I do to keep her safe and make sure that she is taken care of. I love her more than she will ever know. Everything I do I do for her.” – Johnny

‘She’s My Everything’: Kristen Caporaso

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