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February 14, 2024

Celebrating A Decade of Loving Nikki: ‘The Heart of Our Home’

As Valentine’s Day dawns, Chris Van Avery takes a moment to reflect on the woman who has been his rock, partner and co-pilot through life’s ups […]
May 12, 2023

‘More Than You Can Imagine’: Bethany’s family loves and appreciates her more than anything or anyone in the world

Bethany Fincher makes her family’s world go round. She is the rock of the family and a matriarch unlike any other, and her husband and children […]
April 21, 2023

Dr. Angelface: Jalanie is the love of Daniel’s life and someone who brings so much joy and wisdom wherever she goes

There is nothing that is going to keep Jalanie Johnson down. Her boyfriend, Daniel Elliott, learned this very early on in their relationship. She had a […]
March 10, 2023

‘She’s My Everything’: It might’ve taken Johnny and Kristen a little while to get here, but they are now happily married

“We were introduced by our friend Fico. Kristen saw a picture of me and fell in love instantly. At first I knew she was the one […]
March 26, 2022

‘I never knew what love was until I met you’: For Eddie and Christine, it was love at first sight

“Hey, I recognize your voice” was all it took for Eddie and Christine to ignite their love story. Having their boys play on the same baseball […]
March 23, 2022

‘Proverbs 31 Woman’: Marie shows a love like no other everywhere she goes, and looks good doing it

Joel Williams has known his wife Marie for close to 30 years, and to this day he still has the same smile on his face when […]
March 11, 2022

A Tutu Like No Other: Nancy is someone that people can learn a lot from and be better off just by knowing her

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This statement could not be any truer when describing Nancy Miller – better known as Tutu […]
March 7, 2022

‘ILY!’: Karen Fleming is loved and appreciated by everyone around her, especially her husband

When you know Karen Fleming, you know exactly where you stand with her. She is someone who, if she loves and cares about you, you are […]
February 21, 2022

‘Passionate Compassion’: Rachel Anderson has a love like no other

If there were one word in particular to describe Rachel Anderson, that one word would be passionate. From her family and her job to her sports […]