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June 7, 2024

Always There: Kim Samouelian is the kind of wife and mother who shows up no matter what

One match is all it took to ignite a partnership that is burning so strong that those that are familiar with them can feel the warmth […]
June 2, 2024

‘Special to Us’: The Jerome household is filled with a lot of love and fun thanks to Jazzmin

It never hurts to shoot your shot. That is what Kevin Jerome learned when he noticed the woman that would become his wife, Jazzmin, liking all […]
June 2, 2024

Truly Appreciative: When you talk to Jayson Burns, he attributes everything good in his life to his mother

Sometimes, you just need that loving push from your mother. That is what Jayson Burns received throughout his growing up years from his mother, Marsha Caldwell, […]
May 31, 2024

My life forever changed for the better the day I met her – The love story of Tommy and Sarah Senich

The love story of Tommy and Sarah Senich felt as natural as if it were written in the stars. Their journey began in the flickering glow […]
June 7, 2022

Making An Impact: Nicole is an advocate and a difference-maker for so many people

Together, Greg and Nicole have created a big, beautiful, blended family, and Greg is excited to get married to his fiancée. Life with Nicole is so […]
May 24, 2022

Motherly Instincts: For Tasha, her motherly abilities come very naturally

When Steven talks about his wife, Tasha, he cannot speak enough to how strong and amazing he thinks she is. From the moment Steven met Tasha, […]
May 8, 2022

Finding A Way: After a short time apart, this couple has found a way back to one another, and they are thankful for it

Henry and Ashley Wilson’s story is one that makes you realize that you do not always realize what you have until it is gone. The Wilsons […]
April 19, 2022

Mom deserves the best

At, you have the opportunity to give your wife, mom or anyone else the best gift ever. We write personalized newspaper stories that make the […]
May 18, 2019

Love and positivity: Anne-Marie Arndt is selfless and compassionate and shares her positive outlook with the world

Anne-Marie Arndt first got her husband Bill’s attention with her love for cars. She won his heart forever with her compassion and kindness. Anne-Marie was honest […]