June 2, 2022
Kathy and Becky

‘Friends Forever!’: The standard for all friendships has had the bar raised by Kathy and Becky and what they have done for Jonathan

Some friendships just mean more. For Jonathan Smith, his friends Kathy and Becky mean the world to him. They have helped make his life infinitely better and easier, and he […]
February 25, 2019
marce lamontagne family

‘Amazing’: Marce Lamontagne thrives as a wife and mother while fighting cancer with kindness

Even through the pain and uncertainty of a long and difficult fight with breast cancer, Marce Lamontagne stayed positive and never stopped giving. Her interest in others has always been […]
October 15, 2018
erin sherry family

‘She’s a fighter’: Erin Sherry perseveres through cancer and loss to lead a business and family

In her darkest hour, Erin Sherry made a conscious decision to fight like hell. Two decades ago, doctors gave her a terminal diagnosis that changed her life. It was also […]

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