‘Friends Forever!’: The standard for all friendships has had the bar raised by Kathy and Becky and what they have done for Jonathan

Some friendships just mean more.

For Jonathan Smith, his friends Kathy and Becky mean the world to him. They have helped make his life infinitely better and easier, and he does not know how he would be able to endure some of the things he does if it was not for them.

Jonathan has been put through the wringer in recent years. He has cancer and he is not shy to tell you that he is coping with it in the best way possible, and that he really is not taking life for granted.

A big part of the reason why he has been able to get through this bout with cancer is because of Kathy and Becky. They have both been rocks for Jonathan, and they have helped him throughout the entire course of this battle.

“I got diagnosed with prostate cancer, I decided to sell my house and they took me in and didn’t ask anything from me,” Jonathan said.

Without hesitation, Kathy and Becky welcomed Jonathan in with open arms, and they have been there for him every step of the way. They have encouraged him and helped push him through the most challenging of days he has had.

They have been the most supportive friends imaginable, and Jonathan is grateful far beyond words for all they have done for him.

“I worked my problems out because they are the greatest people ever,” he exclaimed.

Jonathan says that what they have done for him comes to no surprise, as that is just the type of people they are. Kathy and Becky are such supportive people who have huge hearts and so much compassion, and they would do anything for anybody.

“They have love to give to everyone, regardless of who they are,” Jonathan exclaimed.

Kathy and Becky are such selfless individuals who take care of everyone, and they are there for others at the drop of a hat. It does not matter the time of day or where they need to be, if they know someone is in need, they are there for them.

They are such kindhearted people who have an endless amount of care in their hearts, and Jonathan says he cannot think of a memory with them that does not involve them doing something for someone else.

“The best memories I have with them are multiple times in their acts of kindness, as well as them being true Americans,” Jonathan said.

Kathy and Becky are just such great people, and they have such great personalities. They are great examples to so many people, and they can be looked at as role models as well.

“Their hearts and their kindness are amazing,” Jonathan exclaimed.

He could go on and on about how well they treat others, but there are not enough words on a page that can truly encapsulate how amazing of souls Kathy and Becky are.

“What makes them so good to so many people is they are mostly caring about people in general,” Jonathan exclaimed.

With how good they are to other people, you would think that Kathy and Becky do not make time for themselves, but the opposite is true.

They love sporting events and getting to experience them live is something that will always be an important part of their lives.

“They live to travel and catch a baseball game, football games and even the Indy 500,” Jonathan said.

They deserve to spoil themselves with how devoted they are to not only the people around them, but especially to Jonathan. Kathy and Becky have always had a special place in their hearts and in their home for him, and it helps ease what he is going through just enough.

“I love them unconditionally,” he exclaimed.

Kathy and Becky are making such a difference and such an impact in Jonathan’s life, and the way they treat him and others makes the world a better place. They are such great role models to him, and he is grateful he gets to learn how to be the best version of himself by being around them.

“Just being around them makes me want to be a better person,” Jonathan said.

They have been a Godsend to Jonathan, and he cannot thank Kathy and Becky enough for all they have done for him.

He is eternally grateful, and he will never forget the difference they have made in his life. He hopes they keep being them for as long as they are on this earth, as people like Kathy and Becky are exactly what this earth needs.

“I will always love them for everything they have done for me! Friends forever!” – Jonathan

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