God First: This woman is always putting faith at the forefront of the way she lives her life

Angel Wise’s name truly is a homonym.

Beyond Angel being her name, it also embodies who she is as a whole. She is truly an angel on earth who is loved by all, and she is someone who is constantly bringing so much joy to those around her.

“She is the love of my life,” her husband, Mike, said. “She makes me a better person. She’s responsible for the best days of my life – our wedding day and the days our kids were born – and she’s helped me through my toughest days as well.”

Life is not always easy, but it can certainly be made a little easier when you have someone like Angel in your corner. Mike knows that he can always count on his wife to be there to lift him up, and he knows she will always be there for him.

He has also seen firsthand what happens when life tries to knock her off her feet, and he knows that she is someone who is always going to be in the best of spirits in any situation.

“Ten years ago this April, my wife got cancer,” Mike said. “Faith and love of God has brought our family and kept our family together. It led us through those trying times. Our faith helps us support each other and truly love God. Just seeing her be a warrior and fighting our way through that helped us build our faith even more.”

Angel is an eternal optimist, and always being able to see the positive side of things is something she has always been able to do.

Angel has gone through many trials and tribulations in her life, but she has remained steadfast in her faith, and the people around her have helped keep her going. That is how she beat cancer and how she can get through even the toughest days in life today.

“She has a love of family,” Mike said. “She also has a love of God. She always puts others first before herself, whether it’s family or friends.”

The people she cares most about mean the absolute world to Angel, and they know that she is always in their corner.

Angel is also the most loving mother in the world to her awesome children, Austin and Madison, and everyone who knows her speaks highly of the way she raises her children.

“They’re what her whole life is about,” Mike said. “Our daughter rides horses, so Angel is consistently being a chauffeur and traveling around with her. She is also always making sure our kids are getting where they need to go and being where they need to be. She ensures that whether it’s words or actions, our kids know they are loved.”

Angel is truly compassionate and will do absolutely anything for her kids, and Mike is so appreciative of seeing her constantly grow as a wife, a mother, a friend and a child of God every single day. His wife means everything to him, and he cannot imagine life without her.

“Angel is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has made me a better person by showing me true love and with her deep love of God and family.”God first

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