Matt Kennedy

June 12, 2019

‘Friend and hero’: Barry Kelner is a selfless and supportive father who always puts his family first

Barry Kelner loves the charm and nostalgia of listening to Minnesota Twins baseball games on the radio. It takes him back to his childhood and the days of Harmon Killebrew, […]
June 11, 2019

Amazing Dad: Stephen Groven is a friend, a mentor, a listener and a rock of support for his family

Joseph Groven will never forget one of the biggest moments of his life because of the privilege he had of sharing it with his father. Even if going “blue” with […]
June 11, 2019

BEST FRIEND: Donna puts her family first to move to Texas, leaving a legacy of caring and compassion behind

Donna McClurg’s family is her world, and she is willing to do anything for her husband Dave, her kids Brittany, Brianna and Garrett and her two precious granddaughters Maisie and […]
June 10, 2019

‘Fierce love’: Sandee Tucker celebrates 70 years of unwavering love and support for her family

Sandee Tucker has always been the biggest fan that her kids, Ross and Bryn, have ever had. She has left no questions about how important they are to her or […]
June 7, 2019

‘Quite the adventure’: Amie and Keith Brewer celebrate a busy year of love, marriage and life as a ‘Wicked Stepmother’

Amie and Keith Brewer have squeezed just about every major life event into their first year of marriage. They have grown through a series of ups — a wedding, a […]
June 7, 2019

‘The best dad’: John Beckendorf has delivered time and time again for his loved ones and friends

John Beckendorf might not say much, but he is a man of action and always seems to do the right thing. A hard-working plumber and caring father, John has given […]
June 7, 2019

‘This is real’: Dave and Debbie celebrate a magical year together that showed them both the power of true love

Everybody feels the magic in the air when Dave and Debbie are together. Dave felt it the very first time he saw Debbie. It was a moment that quite literally […]
May 29, 2019

Father’s Day 2019 gifts: Five unique socks and clothing options that are fun and affordable

Even in 2019, Father’s Day is still treated like the lesser of the parental holidays, but is Dad really any less deserving of our time and thoughtfulness than Mom? This […]
May 24, 2019

‘Amazing father’: Don Heidorn is an inspiration for his honesty, generosity and commitment to his family

Don Heidorn has an old expression he leans on when anyone asks him how he’s doing, and the remarkable thing is he actually believes it. “If I were any better, […]
May 20, 2019

‘A legend’: Lynn Haecker’s love and friendship shows in a tight-knit relationship with daughters Peyton, Devyn and Reagen

All bets are off when the Haecker Ladies get together. Lynn Haecker is “a legend” according to daughters Peyton, Devyn and Reagen and pretty much all of their friends. She […]
May 19, 2019

‘A great mom’: Nicole Kondo gladly works to the point of exhaustion in the name of serving her family

Jeff Kondo can only shake his head sometimes as he tries to comprehend the many roles his wife Nicole plays to keep their family running smoothly. She is passionate about […]
May 18, 2019

Love and positivity: Anne-Marie Arndt is selfless and compassionate and shares her positive outlook with the world

Anne-Marie Arndt first got her husband Bill’s attention with her love for cars. She won his heart forever with her compassion and kindness. Anne-Marie was honest with him from the […]