‘Love Of My Life’: Through challenges and hardship, the love between Myles and Shameela flourishes and grows

For Myles Dupont, the brief experience of living without Shameela Chorny was more than he could bear. But while there was pain in those moments a year and a half ago, there was also a blessing that stays with both of them. They’ve been down the road of a breakup and gotten to feel the prospect of being apart, and the heartache of it all made them closer than ever.

Without question, Myles adores Shameela and admires the amazing mother, partner and friend she is to him, as well as to her children Alexander (14) and Arianna (10) and to Myles’ children Peyton (15) and Delaney (13). All these things Myles knew about her were only enhanced by the arduous task of trying to get through just a few days without her.

“When we broke up, the thought of living without her was unbearable,” Myles said. “I’m so in love with her. We grow closer each passing day. All the challenges we’ve gone through — the distance, schedules — nothing has kept us apart. The one time we broke up was when I think we realized we were meant to be. We’ve been growing closer together ever since.”

The way Myles tells it, Shameela makes growing closer easier. She has a way of inspiring and uplifting others through her empathy, selflessness and tireless work ethic. In addition to being a great mother and partner, she is also a doctor who is always ready to serve her patients.

“She’s a brilliant, compassionate doctor who is on call for her patients 24 hours a day,” Myles said.

Whatever Shameela is doing, she is 100 percent dedicated to it, which has helped Myles raise his own expectations for himself. Busy or not, Shameela has always been there for Myles and the kids while also prospering in her career. It’s a remarkable balance she strikes, and Myles is blown away by it.

So much so, in fact, that simply being with Shameela makes Myles want to be a better version of himself.

“Shameela makes me feel like a good person,” Myles said. “If someone of her character is in love with me, then I must be a good person.”

Myles says meeting Shameela was love at first sight, which was made even sweeter as they went on their first date, shared their first kiss and got to know each other better. And the more he gets to know Shameela, the more he loves her.

The two of them have been through enough together for him to know that their love is the forever kind.

“I want Shameela to know how much I love her and how dedicated I am to our lives together,” Myles said. “She’s been with me through the hardest times and I can’t wait to make wonderful memories for the rest of our lives.”


‘Love Of My Life’: Shameela

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