‘Woman of God’: Faith has always been at the forefront of Vera King’s life, and her kids are better off because of it

There is something about a mother’s love for her son that just hits different.

This is especially true for the relationship between Vera King and her son, Bill. She loves her two daughters just as much, but to Bill, the relationship he has with his mother is one-of-a-kind.

Vera spent Bill and his sisters’, Michele and Robyn, younger years raising them by herself, and she did so with the utmost compassion and love. She has always been there for her children, and she continues to be there for them to this day, as well as being there for her four grandchildren and great granddaughter.

“She is never too busy for her children,” Bill said, “She sacrificed everything to ensure that we could get a head start in life. She worked double shifts at her job to ensure that we received a good education. She never took days off or vacations to make sure that we were provided for. We didn’t always have everything we wanted, but she made damn sure we had everything we needed like God, shelter, clothes, food, love and morals!”

Vera always taught her family the importance of hard work and dedication. There were sacrifices to be made all throughout the King household, but her children always understood that this was for the best.

She always put her family first, and she has never gotten rattled in life. Through life’s toughest challenges, she faces them head-on and with a smile on her face.

“She is tough as nails,” Bill said. “No matter how many times that life knocked her down, she always got back up bigger, better and wiser! She inspired her children to be the best that they can be no matter the odds.”

One thing that can be attributed to this continued perseverance is Vera’s faith. She has always had a love for God, and she has always made sure she instilled the same faith into her kids.

“She loves to attend church, watching old TV shows like Sanford and Son, watching Denzel Washington movies and she loves reading the Bible,” Bill said.

These morals and values have always been put on notice for her kids to see, and they have always appreciated this. Sunday mornings were always filled with gospel music blasting through the hallways before they went to church that morning and having a Sunday family dinner, and her kids are forever appreciative of this.

You could see this faith through the way she raised and encouraged her family, and the support Vera has for her children is never ending.

“My mother has always believed in me,” Bill said. “At times when I came up short, she always put me back on the right track and she is the main reason that I have the career in which I currently have. As a young man fresh out of school, I was spinning my wheels on what I should be doing with my life, and my mother made the suggestion for me to go into banking.”

Bill took this advice, and now he is the Vice President of a very successful bank.

Vera has always been a great role model and someone that her children have listened to and taken after, and the countless life lessons she has taught them have truly paid off.

“Thank you for being the best mother and father a son like me needed,” Bill said. “Raising a boy is hard work, especially by yourself, and you were up for the challenge, and for that I say THANK YOU!”woman of GOD

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