An Amazing Mom: Nancy Flanagan Has Always Put Her Kids First in Helping Them Grow into Who They Are Today

Nancy Flanagan, also known as superwoman, has always sacrificed for her kids so they could have things in their lives that she didn’t have growing up. She has always been there for her family and now gets to be there for her granddaughter as well, but it wasn’t always this way.

Nancy was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 29th, 1960, to her parents Roger E.B. Colville and Jean Cassedy Colville with her older sister Jeanette Colville. She grew up in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and later New Haven, Connecticut, where she would meet her future husband Scott Flanagan, whom she would marry on May 15th, 1993.

This union would eventually lead to the birth of her son Kyle on July 21st, 1989, and her daughter Megan born on February 15th, 1993. On January 17th, 2023, she even became a grandmother to Kyle and her daughter-in-law Hannah’s daughter Cassedy Lynn Flanagan.

She has been described as an amazing mom who brought her son Kyle to all his hockey games and tournaments. She also brought her daughter Megan to all her Irish dance competitions and soccer tournaments throughout the entire Northeast.

Her kids have learned how much she truly put into raising them as they’ve grown up. They appreciate it now more than ever.

“For a long time, my mom and dad worked on separate schedules,” said Kyle. “When you’re younger, you don’t necessarily realize how hard that must be for a relationship. Now that I’m married and older with a family of my own, I couldn’t imagine the stress that put on each of them.”

Kyle now uses these skills of learning to fight through the ups and downs, and the good and the bad in raising his own daughter. Nancy taught Megan many wonderful lessons as well.

“She taught me patience and humility,” said Megan. “She’s the one who always taught me to trust my gut and to be strong. She has taught me to help others.”

Nancy does a lot for her family but also cultivated some hobbies of her own like her love of gardening. Of course, she passed this green thumb down to her kids and got it from her mother as family is always a part of Nancy.

Nancy also works as a Telecommunications Analyst for Tangoe Inc. However, her main job is being the beating heart of the family.

She comes to visit her granddaughter as much as she can and even talks with her daughter Megan multiple times a day on the phone despite Megan living in Colorado. Not only are they mother and daughter, but also best friends.

“Mother, friend, confidant, hero: My mother fits all these descriptions,” said Megan. “From the nurse who cleaned my busted open knees from flying down the hill in my big wheel to the woman who has supported my cross-country move, she’s the best.”

Nancy also loves her animals, whom she loves like children including her three dogs Zeus, Riley and Hope along with her two cats Ozzie and Luna. She also loves Megan’s pets like they’re her own.

“Although Kyle is the one with the human child, she’s been so accepting of my lifestyle and my choice to have pets,” said Megan. “She accepts and loves them as individuals and cherishes each moment she spends with them. She’s mastered unconditional love.”

An Amazing Mom: Nancy Flanagan

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