Transcendent Woman: Cat is always going to go to bat for her family

Sometimes, you just have to go for it.

That’s what Jon Stephenson did when he met his wife, Cat. From the moment he met her, he knew there was something different about her, and he knew that she was someone worth pursuing.

The first night they met, they danced in the rain and spoke on the phone all night, and Jon knew that she was a special woman. She was transcendent and a beautiful soul, and he fell in love with her pretty quickly.

“I love her personality and her ability to connect with people,” he said. “She’s beautiful inside and out. She never takes herself too seriously and she’s an amazing wife and mom. I’ve never met anyone who has the depth and brilliance of personality that she does. I also love how she fights for the underdog and can pick people up!”

Cat is a woman that you want to have in your corner. She is always going to cheer you on, and she is always going to be your biggest supporter.

She is also an amazing mom who is always there for their three kids, and she makes sure they are taken care of before anything else.

“She is always teaching, supporting and helping our kids build confidence while helping them understand how the real world works,” Jon said.

She is a role model for love and success. This is shown by how she truly cares about her children. They mean everything to Cat, just like she means everything to Jon and the kids.

“She is the moon to my sun; she is everything to me and our family,” he said.

She is someone who is always there for her family, no matter what, and she is always going to show up for them.

She has a great personality, which includes an intriguing sense of humor that Jon absolutely adores about her, and their youngest son Jake does too.

“It has always cracked me up that such a beautiful woman absolutely loves toilet humor that would crack up my 8-year-old son,” Jon said.

Whether she is making Jake and Jon laugh, or whether she is being McKenzie and Avery’s biggest cheerleaders, Cat is a woman who absolutely cherishes her family, and her family is appreciative of all she does for them.

“I’m simply grateful that she’s been in my life through the good and bad, that she makes me a better version of what I would have been without her. She’s one-of-a-kind.” – Jontranscendent woman

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