Life Lessons from High School Sweethearts

After 32 years of marriage, Chopper Evans still cannot get enough of his high school sweetheart.

“When I am apart from her, I feel so lonely,” Chopper said. “I love just to hear her voice. I just love being with her.”

The importance of Barbie Evans’ presence in the life of Chopper and the couple’s three kids is difficult to fully portray. She is a wife, a mother, an amazing baker, and so much more.

“My mom means the world to me,” daughter Amber Zirk, 27, said. “She’s my favorite person. My best friend… To hear that I am like her in ways is the best compliment I could ever receive.”

Barbie has taught everyone around her what true strength and love look like. A wife before she turned 19 years old, and a mother of two kids by age 25, Barbie was able to learn as she went and lead a solid family life.

“She is not self-seeking, and she is never looking for glory,” Chopper said. “She just wants to help.”

Her mother passed away when Barbie was in her 20s, but Barbie never complained about not having enough help or being too tired to carry on.

Barbie has worked as a bank teller and a babysitter, in addition to her current job in the county clerk’s office and her experience running her own bakery. But above these occupations, she is a wife and mother who always made sure she had time for Chopper, Amber, her 30-year-old son Josh, and 22-year-old Natalie.

“I lean on her for my strength daily and cannot imagine not having her by my side to guide me through my troubles,” Amber said.

Even though she was not very into sports, Barbie found herself at a plethora of basketball, football, baseball, and track events for her kids’ well-being and enjoyment. To this day, Barbie is generous with her time with family, as she goes on walks with Josh and is consistently on the phone with Amber and Natalie to offer support, answer questions, and give advice when asked.

“I admire her love,” Amber said. “Her love for her kids, but most importantly the love she shows my dad. She has shown me the way a marriage should be and how to love your spouse.”

Chopper and Barbie often go on walks, hikes, and bike rides to maintain their close relationship. They visit new places together and learn new things about each other.

“She always supports me in all my crazy endeavors and makes sure I have everything I need,” Chopper said. “She is smart, beautiful, and compassionate. She supports me and is not afraid to tell me what I need to hear, whether I’ll like it or not.”

Chopper can still remember their wedding day and all the emotions that came with it. He was extremely nervous. Sweat was rolling down his cheeks. Barely an adult, Chopper started wondering if he was too young to go through with this life-long commitment.

“Then when I saw her walking down the aisle, all of those thoughts went away,” Chopper says now. “That was May 20, 1989. I am more in love with her now then the day we got married, and I thought I was so in love with her then.”life lessons from high school sweethearts

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