‘Hello, Gorgeous’: Meghan Armitage exudes love and looks great doing it at 40 years old

When people think of Meghan Armitage, they think of someone who is a loving wife, a loving mother, a loving friend and someone who is great with animals.

People love to be around Meghan, as she brings such a light and a joy to life that not many people in this world bring.

Her husband, Scott, loves everything about his wife, as she is a perseverant individual who works hard and always gives it her all. She is selfless and loving, and she is always thinking of her loved ones before herself.

“I admire how hard she works and how she always puts her family first,” he said. “She is the most amazing mother and always puts others before herself. I also admire her strength. I’m not sure everyone knows that about her, but she is a very strong person and tough too, but in a good way.”

Nothing rattles Meghan, as she is always striving to be the best while also making sure that she takes on challenges hear-on.

She is someone who is quietly strong, as she does not let people know the things she might be going through at the present time, but that does not stop her from getting through it all and always being successful.

She makes life so much better for her family, and she is appreciated for all she does for them.

“Meghan is a wonderful wife and mother and I just want to celebrate her,” Scott said. “Our two kids are amazing, and that is largely because she is such a great mother.”

One of the most amazing qualities about Meghan is her ability to be the best mother her kids could ever ask for. They love their mom to the ends of the earth, and they enjoy spending life with her.

When asked what they like to do with their mom, they had this to say:

“I like to play music with mom in the car, and play pool and ping pong with my mom.” – Dylan

“I like to colour and make stuff with mom, and I also like to bake with her.” – Grace

The love and enjoyment do not stop there, however, as Dyland and Grace know that their mom helps them in many other ways as well. She teaches them important lessons along the way, and she does nothing short of helping them in every which way.

“She helps me get organized for all my sports and school stuff, and she helps me with my homework,” Dylan said.

“She helps me clean and organize my room, and she always reads with me each night, teaching me how to read,” Grace said.

Meghan’s kids love her so much, and they are glad they have such a wonderful mother to raise them up.

They cherish the moments with Meghan, even when they might not show it, and they truly appreciate everything about her.

“She gives great hugs and she is always there for me,” Dylan said. “I love her.”

“I love my mom because she is so awesome and cool,” Grace said. “I love her. She is the best mom ever.”

The impact Meghan makes on her kids’ lives is endless, but it does not stop there. She is also someone who is always there for her friends, and she is always treating her friends like they are her own family.

Her best friend’s brother, Jesse, was someone that Meghan never saw as anything less than a brother, and Jennifer is so glad and so blessed to have a best friend like Meghan in her life.

” I always love to say the best thing my brother gave me was my best friend,” Jennifer said. “As she was friends with him and was at my house and they were playing GI Joes and I was playing Barbie, and she was like, ‘Oh I want to play Barbie with her not GI Joe boy stuff.’ So our three decade friendship began.”

This is a friendship that has always felt like more than a friendship, and they will always be sisters at heart. Meghan is always there for Jennifer just like she is always there for her family, and she is always making sure that her best friend is taken care of.

Meghan is such a great individual and such a lovable woman, and Scott is glad that he gets to spend his life with her.

Her first 40 years of life have been so impactful and have made a difference in so many lives, and he knows that the next 40-plus years will do nothing short of the same. She means the world to him, and he is always happier with her around.

“I love her! She is my best friend and sexy soulmate,” Scott said. “It’s been amazing so far, and I’m looking forward to many more good times and memories.”hello gorgeous

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