mother’s day gift

May 30, 2022

Adjusting to Love: Adaptability is easy for Magdalena, especially when it comes to loving her 11 month old daughter

Magdalena Cruse is a woman of many talents who has an adaptability unlike any other. The moment her and Jon’s baby girl Emma was born, Jon knew that his partner […]
May 26, 2022

Daughter Comes First: This is the mentality for this awesome mother; there is no denying that being the BEST mother is part of her nature

Dylan Jones said that anybody would be remiss to not mention Mallory McCormick’s sense of humor and her kind, fun-loving personality. Mallory is creative, loyal and hard working, but that […]
May 13, 2022

Deanna Kaiser

Story by Darrel Kaiser Deanna Kaiser is the most amazing person I’ve ever met, or ever will meet! She is kind, loving, humble, and above all else – unselfish. Everything […]
May 9, 2022
summers fam

More Than A Mom: To Hailey and her five foster children, Amber is Mom; to everyone else, she is the most selfless person they have ever met

Amber Summers is a woman with an innumerable amount of wonderful qualities. She is a do-it-all woman who is a skilled nurse and an amazing mother and foster mom, and […]
May 8, 2022
Candice and baby

‘Perfect Mom’: Candice is the most loving and amazing mother that her husband could ever imagine for their child

When Ralph Mazzoni is asked what makes his wife, Candice, a great woman, many things come to mind, but there is one thing in particular that makes Candice Mazzoni the […]
May 8, 2022

Family Above Everything: Debra is an amazing mom who is appreciated more than she realizes

There are not too many people who are more family-oriented than Debra Schorr. When it comes to her siblings, husband, daughters and grandkids, there is nothing Debra would not do […]
October 25, 2021

Ross Tucker calls My FrontPage Story “the best gift”

Back in February, Ross Tucker and Joe Roderick were talking about the Chiefs-Buccaneers Super Bowl. During that interview, Joe brought up about, where Ross said it is “not a […]
October 12, 2021
picture decor

MyFrontPageStory: The Perfect Gift

At, you get a chance to have a personalized newspaper story written about a loved one, or even you! They are great gifts for numerous occasions, especially Christmas, weddings, […]
October 7, 2021

Best Gift Ever

Get the best gift ever! At, not only do you get the best gift ever, but you get the gift that lasts forever. You can hang out gift on […]
May 20, 2019
lynn h daughters

‘A legend’: Lynn Haecker’s love and friendship shows in a tight-knit relationship with daughters Peyton, Devyn and Reagen

All bets are off when the Haecker Ladies get together. Lynn Haecker is “a legend” according to daughters Peyton, Devyn and Reagen and pretty much all of their friends. She […]
May 18, 2019

Love and positivity: Anne-Marie Arndt is selfless and compassionate and shares her positive outlook with the world

Anne-Marie Arndt first got her husband Bill’s attention with her love for cars. She won his heart forever with her compassion and kindness. Anne-Marie was honest with him from the […]
May 12, 2019
jenine d family

‘We’re all so lucky’: Jenine Dreisen is a selfless and attentive mother who places a high value on family

Eric Dreisen likes to walk around cracking Dad jokes that are mostly aimed at making himself laugh. He works hard at the craft, and he doubles his efforts when he […]

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