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April 10, 2024

‘You Complete Us’: The King family of six is who they are because of Chanel

They met at an auto shop. At first, Chanel was just another pretty girl Steve encountered. And to Chanel, Steve was just like every other guy […]
March 15, 2024

‘She lives to help others’

Lisa Miller is an amazing wife and mother who has dedicated her life to her family.  She has lived her life according to teachings of Jesus, […]
January 29, 2024

Well Respected: People love being around Michelle

“Nothing has been easy for her, and she’s overcome it.” This is the underlying theme of Michelle Pawlina’s life. She is a single mother who works […]
June 14, 2023

Devoted to her kids

Sarah Chapman is an amazing mother who has dedicated herself to her children.  Her husband, Eric, said she would do anything to improve the lives of […]
May 8, 2023

‘We Just Love Her’: Michelle makes an endless impact on her family, and they appreciate her for such

If you’ve ever met Michelle Trafton, then you probably know how great of a person she is. She is a wonderful wife, mother, sister, daughter and […]
March 13, 2023

Unwavering Love: Deanna cares so deeply about other people, and it is a sight to see

Deanna Brinkman is very much loved and adored by her family, and rightfully so. As a nurse and family woman, she is constantly showing off her […]
December 31, 2022

‘She’s Our Compass’: Erin is the guidance and the support of her family

There is no question who the Clemmer family runs through. Whether you ask Nick, the kids or anyone else, they will tell you that Erin Clemmer […]
December 24, 2022

Truly Sacrificial: Terri has spent a lifetime putting others before herself, and her kids are hoping to return the favor

Getting three siblings to agree on anything can be very difficult. That is unless you are referring to Terri Russell’s children talking about just how amazing […]
November 8, 2022

Long Awaited Love: Dana brings Alan so much meaning to life and he is grateful she came into his life when she did

Dana Gabbert changed the trajectory of her husband’s life forever, and he is eternally grateful for this. When Alan first met Dana, she instantly became a […]