‘She’s Our Compass’: Erin is the guidance and the support of her family

There is no question who the Clemmer family runs through.

Whether you ask Nick, the kids or anyone else, they will tell you that Erin Clemmer is the center of their family. She is the matriarch and their guiding light, and they all know that the house would not function without Erin anchoring the ship.

So, who is Erin Clemmer? On top of being the moral compass of her family, she is also someone who has high expectations for herself and everyone all around her. She sets goals and exceeds them with excellence, and it is something that makes her husband Nick proud.

“My favorite quality is her determination,” Nick said. “She will set a goal and not stop until that is met. As much as it frustrates me sometimes, her unwillingness to settle for anything less than she expects. This has pushed me to be a better husband and father, so I am grateful. She is passionate about helping others; we share this and have given almost everything at times.”

One thing you cannot question about Erin is her dedication to others. She has a big heart and a selfless attitude, and she is constantly willing to help others in any capacity. Erin will give without hesitation, as being able to help those in need is part of who she is.

“I love her kind nature,” Erin’s daughter Annah said. “I love how when she sees someone in need she does everything she can to help, Like with a charity. Also how hard she works to help kids who maybe can’t help themselves.”

Erin is constantly lending a helping hand, and that is something her kids – Annah (13) Leah (9) and Alex (7) – all admire about her. They look up to Erin because she is so caring and considerate to others.

Not only is Erin caring and considerate to others, but she is caring and considerate to her own family. Her kids in particular get to experience Erin’s open heart on a daily basis, and it is something that Nick truly admires about his wife.

“She would do absolutely anything for her children’s safety,” he said. “She’s not interested in just being a friend, but a parent first. I wouldn’t want anyone else raising my kids. She is tough on them when she has to but also sweet when she needs to be.”

Erin has found that balance of being a mom and a mama bear, and it is truly extraordinary.

All three children understand just how loving and devoted their mother is too, as they appreciate everything she has ever done for them.

“She is very patient with us,” Annah said. “Even when we make her repeat something multiple times before we seem to get what she wants us to do. She is a great mom and I couldn’t ask for a better mother.”

Having Erin in her life means the world to Annah. While Erin is her stepmom by definition, she still looks up to her and admires her as if Erin was her own flesh and blood.

As for Annah’s younger siblings, they both have very fond memories with their mother. They both love spending quality time with her and they hope that does not stop anytime soon.

“I like going out to eat, decorating and riding in the car with Mom,” Alex said. “She helps me learn and remember things. And my favorite memory is our rides to school in the morning. I went to preschool at her school which is a 30 minute drive and we would talk about things like landmarks – the Ohio River and towns like Wellsville.”

Those are precious memories that Alex will take with him wherever he goes, and that is something that is truly astonishing. He knows that as he continues to grow older his mother will make more memories with him and take him on more adventures, and he is looking forward to them all.

For Leah, just hanging out with her mom is what has always stuck out to her. They do not have to do anything extraordinary to have a good time, because as long as they are together their time is memorable.

“I like going shopping and cooking dinner with Mom,” Leah said. “She helps me with homework and school projects. My favorite memories were being born, going out for birthday dinners and our summers at the lake.”

Talk about some great memories.

These special moments are moments that are only created by someone as unique and amazing as Erin, and that is why her family appreciates her beyond belief. She makes their lives infinitely better, and they are glad to call her wife and mom.

“No matter how bad a fight might be; any struggles with the kids; I will never stop trying to make myself a better husband and father. And hopefully one day I will become one that is actually worthy of you and your love. Also, you are absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I love growing older with you and watching our family change. I don’t want a life without you.” – Nick

she's our compass

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