‘She’s Our Leader’: The Brown family looks to Jessica to be the driving force of their household




These are three traits Jessica Marie Brown’s husband, JT, says he fell in love with when they first met back in 2015. He sees these three traits – and many more – pouring out of his wife on a daily basis, as he watches on with admiration. Her personality is off the charts, and Jessica is someone that people naturally gravitate to.

But beyond this, who is Jessica Marie Brown? Who is this amazing woman that JT gets to call his wife?

Well first of all, if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Jessica, you would know right away that her priorities in life go as follows: God, Family and Cheerleading. She won multiple national championships as a cheerleader and was fortunate enough to have coached at that level as well. Jessica is now a head cheerleading coach herself, implementing all that she has learned from her successful cheerleading career.

Jessica is living out her dream, and nothing could make JT happier than to admire his wife as she does what she truly loves. 

“Jessica is a cheerleader through and through, it is ingrained in her,” he said. She graduated from Georgia Southern University, where she won three national championships both as a cheerleader and as a coach under the tutelage of her head coach, and now great friend, Barry Munkasy. If not coaching cheerleading, she is usually doing something on social media. She loves shopping and finding deals online.” 

There is much more to Jessica than cheerleading though. While it is an influential part of who she is and what she loves, it is not everything.

She is a great friend to many people who also love her dearly. Jessica cares so much about her family and friends, naturally putting others before her, displaying her caring and motherly characteristics. She is also someone who can walk into a room full of strangers, and fit right in.

Jessica is a confidant and is revered by all, as they know she is a friend that they can confide in and will always be there to provide comfort. 

“She gets along with everyone,” JT said. “Jessica is easy-going, intelligent, and is trusted by those around her. If she tells you that she is going to do something, you best believe it will be done one way or another.

It is clear that Jessica is a great friend who can be counted on and trusted to handle any situation, which is an integral part of what makes her such a great wife to JT and mother to her children.

She is her children’s number one provider and their support system. They look to her for every need or want they may have and with good reason. Jessica has always made her children the priority, and this is something that JT admires and appreciates about his wife.

“Jessica does everything for Jonathan and Baylor,” JT said. “She is naturally a warm and loving person, so being a mother has come easy to her. Our lives have changed since the arrival of the twins and without Jessica all three of us would have been in trouble. The babies and I look to her for direction and reassurance in all aspects of our lives, and she always finds a way to provide. As a man, I am not afraid to say that I may wear the pants, but she tells me how to put them on and which ones to wear.”

It has been in this transition to parenthood that JT has learned just how much his wife complements him. They are raising 2-year-old twins, and in the process, JT has learned more than ever about his awe-inspiring wife. Plus, she helps balance him out in so many different ways, not just as a father but in every facet of his life.

Jessica is someone who is completely committed to anything and everything she does, whether it be motherhood, wifehood or anything in between.

“I admire her determination and drive,” JT said. “Whatever she does, she buys in 100 percent. Specifically pertaining to me, I admire Jessica for her compassion. She keeps me grounded, is a voice of reason, encourages me and is my comforter when I am facing adversity. Jessica always has an answer in any situation that may arise. When the crap hits the fan at the Brown house, we all look to Jessica and with confidence.”

JT finds comfort in Jessica and for that he is more than appreciative. He loves the fact that she is always going to have his back no matter what, and that she will be there for him through thick and thin.

JT loves everything about his wife, Jessica. After 5 years of marriage along with raising two children together, he has never been more in love with her and he cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for their family of four. With Jessica at the helm, there is nothing the Brown family cannot achieve, which is simply remarkable.

“I want my best friend and beautiful wife, Jessica, to know that all of the sacrifices she makes for our family and all of her hard work does not go unnoticed, especially by me. From the time I was born until I met Jessica, my mother has prayed for the Lord to bring into my life a God-fearing, beautiful, kind, determined and loving woman who I could spend the rest of my life and raise a family with.

“I think it is safe to say that her prayers came through as the woman that I call my wife today is the most extraordinary person that I have ever known. She deserves to know how important she is to me, Jonathan, Baylor, Lady and Honey. Jessica is the glue that holds us together, the hamster to the wheel, the foundation on which our family is built and the life-raft to hang on to when we are too tired to push on. Jessica is the Sun that we revolve around and depend on, the light of our lives that will never cease to fade. Without her, we would be nothing” – JT

she's our leader

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