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May 12, 2023

‘More Than You Can Imagine’: Bethany’s family loves and appreciates her more than anything or anyone in the world

Bethany Fincher makes her family’s world go round. She is the rock of the family and a matriarch unlike any other, and her husband and children […]
May 10, 2023

All Out Amazing: Krystin is a woman who loves the people she is closest to more than anything in the world

Some wives just mean everything to their husbands.  For Krystin and Derek Johnson, it is no different. Krystin is the love of Derek’s life and the […]
April 7, 2023

‘Supportive & Understanding’: Amy Smith is Ron’s soulmate and the one person he could not imagine life without

Ron Smith has a lot to say about his wife Amy. “She’s the love of my life. I’m proud of her. I couldn’t live without her. […]
April 5, 2023

Rock & Soulmate: Theresa leaves zero doubt in Bob’s mind that she is the one for him

What started as throwing erasers at one another and tossing the softball during high school has turned into date boxes and 32 years of true love […]
March 30, 2023

The Missing Link: “Te amo con todo mi corazón”

It’s not about who you start with, but about who you end up with. And for Christian Linares, he is super glad he ended up with […]
March 24, 2023

‘We Love You’: Kristin is admired and appreciated by her family, and with good reason

Kristin Cronkite is a wonderful, strong, goal-oriented woman. She works hard and pours her beliefs and values into others. She is a great leader and leaves […]
March 15, 2023

Soulmates: Amber is the love of Stephen’s life, and he is truly grateful for her

Sometimes it’s best not to take your best friend’s advice when it comes to relationships. Stephen Kelly ignored his friend Marcus’s advice when it came to […]
March 15, 2023

‘For Infinity’: Life with Meshanna is infinitely better for Johnny and so many others

From their first kiss to their 13 years of dating to their “infinity” wedding to all their vacations together, there is no question that Johnny and […]
March 9, 2023

It All Works Out In The End: Sandra & Javier

Some middle school relationships are meant to last – even if it takes 30 years for the couple to go on their first date. When Sandra […]