Truly Sacrificial: Terri has spent a lifetime putting others before herself, and her kids are hoping to return the favor

Getting three siblings to agree on anything can be very difficult.

That is unless you are referring to Terri Russell’s children talking about just how amazing their mother is. Brandi, Shannon and Jake all love and adore their mother and are appreciative of the endless sacrifices she made for them. They want her to know that everything she endured to put them first has not gone unnoticed, and they are glad to have her in their lives.

Terri has been an amazing mother over the years, and is a role model to her three kids. They all look up to her and know that her life has not been easy, but that she has always found a way to get through it all.

“She’s very kind and very thoughtful,” Jake said. “She’s always there to help us navigate life. She also absolutely adores her grandkids and spoils them every chance she gets.”

Life is full of ups and downs, but Brandi, Shannon and Jake all know they can get through life’s toughest obstacles because they learned from the best. Terri has an amazing outlook on life and has exemplified what it means to fight for what you believe in.

Plus, she has been an amazing mother and grandmother. On top of always being there for her children, she makes sure that she is the best grandma in the world to Madison, Jaxon, Westin and Kameron. She would do anything for her family, and she has a motivational personality.

“When I think about my mom, I immediately think about strength, power and love,” Brandi said. “My mom embodies all those things. She has always been the glue of our family.  She always made sure everyone had what they needed and has put herself and her needs behind us and her grandkids.”

Priorities are important, and Terri certainly has hers straight when it comes to her family. She loves them more than anything and constantly offers support.

None of Terri’s children would know what to do without her in their lives, and they are thankful they don’t have to think about that. They are happy they have such an amazing woman in their lives to call Mom, and they appreciate all she does for them.

“She means the world to me,” Jake said. “She’s always supported me in every step of my life. She knows when to offer words of encouragement or just let me vent. No matter what I’m going through, I know I’m not alone.”

Terri is her children’s support system. She is a shoulder for them to cry on and she is certainly full of life advice. They know they can count on her in times of trouble and in times of triumph, and they want her to know they will return the favor.

“She’s taught me girl power, to not depend on anyone but myself and how to put my kids and family first no matter what,” Brandi said. “My mom was dealt a crappy hand when we were little but in my eyes she was always strong, had her life together and always knew what the next step was going to be.”

Life is what you make of it, and Terri has certainly made the most out of hers. She has an optimistic perspective, and because of that she has built a lifetime of happiness and fond memories for her children.

She has spent the entirety of her motherhood pouring into her children. She has taught them many things throughout their lives, and they are better people because of these lessons. The values they have learned from their mother are truly endless, and her kids are grateful for it.

“I would like to think I learned how to be a good mother from her,” Shannon said. “I know it is important to be there for my son because my mom was always there for me. As a single mom that’s not easy to do with three kids. She always took us to our games and practices. Even though she was being pulled in 10 directions, she made it work so that none of us ever felt left out.”

One of the most important lessons Terri has ever taught her children is inclusivity. Making everyone feel involved and important means the world to some people, and that’s exactly what Terri has done throughout her children’s lives. They all know that she found the right balance to be there for each of them, and they love her for that.

“I always enjoy going to training camp with her every year,” Jake said. “Some of the best memories of my childhood were from those summers with her. It’s a tradition and a unique bond that I don’t take for granted.”

From the little things like this to all the big moments in life, Terri made them all count. 

And while she has certainly always been there for her children, Terri has also always been there for others. She lifts up the lives of those around her, and also shows people how to stand up for themselves. Her personality is perfectly balanced as the compassion in her heart is always running rampant.

“My mom is very straightforward and doesn’t take any crap,” Shannon said. “She is also very caring and loving and would help anyone that needed it.”

Selflessness is a virtuous characteristic, and it is one Terri possesses. She is a friend to many, and has a big heart. Terri loves endlessly and compassionately, and the people all around her love her for who she is.

“My mom is a great friend to others,” Brandi said. “She always remembers birthdays and holidays. She always tries to make people feel special on those days. She still writes out and mails cards to people, which I used to think was a waste of time, but now I know how important doing that makes people feel and I love that about her.”

Talk about a truly amazing woman. Terri is a one of a kind mother, grandmother and friend, and we could go on for hours and hours talking about just how wonderful she is.

“Mom, I love you very much and will always be grateful for the lessons you’ve taught me. The sacrifices you made for me, Brandi and Shannon taught us the importance of family, selflessness and character.” – Jake

“I want to say I love you, Mom. Thank you for always sacrificing for us and putting our needs before your own. I know it wasn’t fair and wasn’t how you planned on raising a family, but you made it work. Even when we had nothing, you made it work. I never knew how much you gave up for us until I had Westin and it made me appreciate all the things you did when we were little. So in short… thank you.” – Shannon

“Mom, I definitely don’t say it enough, but I love you and I appreciate you more than you will ever know. You have made me the woman that I am today and you did it all by yourself. We haven’t always seen eye to eye and occasionally I may have been a pain in the ass, but you never stopped loving me or pushing me to be a better person, and for that I am thankful. I am so glad God chose you to be my mom… I am me because of you and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!” – Brandi


truly sacrificial

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