A Christlike Woman: Mary’s faith is the driving force that has helped her raise her family and always be there for her friends

Mary Mullin has always been a dependable mother.

Her son Matthew says that, although he was not the most gracious or well-behaved child growing up, his mother still loved him all the same.

In fact, her constant sacrifices during his adolescent years helped him turn into the great husband and father he is today. For that, Matthew is thankful.

“She has demonstrated unconditional love to me and my younger sister, even in the times when we least deserved it,” he said. “During the darkest days of my life, I knew I could count on her to give me encouragement and uplifting words – while also living her life in a way that showed me how to live mine. Her selfless nature, shown not only to us in the family but to humanity at large, has been an inspiration for us to give of ourselves as she has.”

As Matthew and Rachel grew older, they began to grow fonder of their mother. They began to look up to her as a role model and someone who they know they can always count on.

Mary’s children are not the only people that she has always been there for, however. She is constantly there for everyone all around her, and her family and friends are drawn to her because of the love she shares and the sacrifices she makes for them.

She is a truly selfless person who puts the needs of others before her own, and that is just one of the many reasons why Mary is such a special person. She cares deeply and has a heart for others, and her love never wavers.

Additionally, she has two grandchildren, Isaac (6) and Luke (1), whom she loves to spoil, and they both love her so much.

“She is a very giving person! She would give us anything if we needed it,” Mary’s daughter-in-law Heather said. “She loves her grandchildren so deeply.”

Mary has a servant’s heart and a deep care and compassion for others. She truly wants what is best for everyone all around her, and she has such a sense of genuineness in life.

So, what is the key to having this mindset in life? Faith. Anyone who knows Mary will tell you how important her faith is to her and how much she allows it to dictate her everyday life.

“She’s taught us the importance of staying in the Word all the time,” Heather exclaimed.

Mary says she just wants to live her life the way Jesus did, and that is something her family and friends all appreciate about her. She stays true to herself and is a very humble woman, living life to the fullest. Her morals and values are strong, and her heart for everyone is huge.

“I want her to know how much my family and I cherish her. How much less love and compassion I’d have for others if she hadn’t shown me how to live with love and compassion. How much her prayers for me have been instrumental in turning my life around. In short, how I could not be the husband, father, and man I am without her relentless love, constant prayer and shining example of Christlikeness.” – Matthew


a Christlike woman

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