‘Kind & Gentle’: Naomi’s strong character is not the only thing that sticks out to Andrew and his family

When you have a grandmother like Andrew Porterfield does, life is just instantly better.

Andrew has always looked up to his Gigi, better known as Naomi to everyone else, as she has been someone who has always been there for him. Naomi has made sure she has taken care of her grandson day in and day out, and everyone is proud to have her in their life.

“She means a lot to me! She’s always been ‘Gigi’ to me, and she’s been a big part of my life ever since I can remember,” Andrew said. “I used to stay over at her and my grandpa’s, aka Papa’s, house, and in true grandma fashion she’d make sure I was living luxuriously. It’s obvious I mean a lot to her, and that’s why she means a lot to me.”

A grandmother who takes care of and cherishes her grandchildren is a grandmother to be appreciative of. That’s why Andrew loves her so much and is beyond grateful and thankful for Gigi, and that’s why he wants to remind her of this every day.

She is someone who is so thoughtful and so genuine, and Naomi is constantly putting her family first. No matter what family member it is or how distantly related they are to her, she cares deeply for them.

Naomi has a big heart and is a role model to those around her, and it is just amazing to see how kind and gentle she is too. She has a big heart that is full of compassion, and her family does not take this for granted.

“She’s super caring, and she knows how to nurture,” Andrew said. “She’s a great grandma because she has so much love to give and really gives it.”

This love does not stop at Naomi’s family either. She is so compassionate toward everyone in her life, and her friends are just as grateful for her as her family.

She is a selfless individual who tends to make everything in life about everyone and their brother, but not about her. She gets all her joy out of making other people happy, and she believes this comes from putting others first.

“Even when we’re celebrating her — on her birthday, for example — she makes sure everyone else is having a great time too,” Andrew said. “She’s selfless and it’s completely clear to anyone who knows her.”

And while this is not the only reason people are drawn to Naomi, it’s certainly one of the reasons. She is self sacrificing and she wants what is best for everyone in every facet of life.

On top of this, Naomi is also someone who is a genuinely nice person. She treats every person with the utmost respect, and it is a sight to behold.

“I’ve mainly learned how to be unfailingly kind from her,” Andrew said. “I’ve legitimately never seen her angry, and that’s something I try to emulate every day.”

Life is what you make of it, and you do not make it past your 90th birthday with a frown on your face 24/7.

Oh yeah, did you catch that last part? Naomi crossed the 90 year threshold this year, and she is still kicking along. She’s still got her wits about her and is constantly working her brain out with 1,000 piece puzzles.

Andrew says it’s something else watching her put together her puzzles. Between that and her amazing storytelling voice, Andrew could talk for hours on end about the memories he has just from when he was a kid hanging out with Gigi.

There’s no question she is a special person to so many people, and that’s why Naomi Jamison deserves to be celebrated every single day.

“You’re loved!” – Andrew

kind and gentle

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