Amazing wife and mom is Best Babcia Ever

Cheryl Cooley is an incredible mom and stepmom to Nicole, Matt, Adam and Mark, but it is the love she has for grandchildren that makes her the best Babcia ever.

“Cheryl always puts the kids before herself but not before the grandkids,” her husband, Rick said. “She is totally devoted to them. Her grandchildren Arielle, Aurora, Charli and Myles are the luckiest kids ever.” 

She would do anything for her grandkids. She especially enjoys planning and executing activities and things to do and places to go with them. 

Cheryl’s love of children was evident from the beginning. She and Rick met on, and it was a picture of Rick assembling a kid’s toy in his dating profile that attracted her to him. 

They went on their first date in December 2005 to see the movie King Kong, but there was an issue at the theater, so they had to leave the theater before seeing the ending. Rick laughs when he remembers that they never saw the end until it came out on video. They didn’t finish the movie but did have a nice dinner at Champps.

It didn’t take long for Rick to fall for Cheryl. He said he knew she was the one when they went out for New Year’s Eve that same year.

Cheryl has so much love to give to everyone which not only makes her a great Babcia and mom, but also an incredibly caring, giving and loving wife who makes every day special.

The couple loves to go on trips with and without family. Rick specifically cited their honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean, and trips to Top Sail Island, Cape May and Aruba as some of the most memorable. 

But this year’s trip to the Galactic Starcruiser at DisneyWorld tops the list, mostly because of the planning by Cheryl.

“Cheryl did an absolutely incredible job with Star Wars-related costuming and accessorizing for our trip,” Rick said. “We all looked great, which made the whole experience extra special.”

This is just one example of Cheryl going above and beyond to make the people she loves feel special and unique. Rick is amazed by her selflessness and devotion to the needs of others. 

“She’s always thinking of others and that motivates me to try to be that way as well,” Rick said. 

Cheryl works very hard at her job managing the office for a medical practice, but when she is outside work, she is always ready for a fun time. She loves decorating, crafting, going to the beach and of course, spending time with family.

Rick knows he is blessed to share his life with such a creative, giving, selfless and loving woman. 

“She is my life partner, my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night,” Rick said. “Cheryl, you are my life and my love. You make me want to be a better person. I love you.”

best babica ever

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