Family Means Everything: For Rosa Cooper, her girls and her husband come before anything else, and they are truly grateful for this

Rosa Cooper is a very special woman in the eyes of her family.

From being loving and caring to always showing off her fearless side, she lives life to the fullest and is always there for others.

Rosa is someone who is constantly looking out for everyone, which bodes well in all facets of her life. She is a nursing home nurse by day and a mother to three – and stepmother to four – by night. Both of these jobs require her utmost attention, and Rosa is always up for the task.

Being a mother in particular is something that Rosa was born to do, and her husband Jeff says it’s a privilege to see his wife in action as a mom each and every single day.

“Rosa is a loving, kind, caring, selfless woman,” he said. “She has an adventurous spirit and is always down for new challenges. She’s an awesome mother to our children, as well as my children from previous relationships. There is absolutely nothing she wouldn’t do for her family. 

Rosa is definitely the person that keeps the household functioning. She is the matriarch of the Wilson-Cooper home, as she is a do-it-all kind of wife and mother.

Being a do-it-all mother also means making sure you are a shoulder for your kids to cry on. This is something that Rosa has always been for her kids, and more than that she is a listening ear for them as well. She also is not one that always tells her kids what they want to hear, but instead what they need to hear, and her children are all appreciative of this.

“My mom is the person I can confide in and tell anything to,” Rosa’s oldest daughter Taylor said. “She is also the audience for all of my sisters’ chaotic performances. She’s a constant living force who is unchanging in the way she cares for and treats the people she cares about the most.”

While Rosa is a companion for her children in their times of need, she has also shown them how to treat other people. Whether it is the garbage man or a CEO, treating everyone the same is mightily important.

“She has taught me how and when to show respect for others,” Rosa’s middle daughter Madison said.

Rosa’s kids look up to her, and the fact that they all know how to treat others is all because of what they have learned from their mom.

Rosa is not just a teaching mom either. She is also a mom who loves spending ample time with her children, and she makes life fun for them.

“I love spending time with her,” Rosa’s youngest daughter Cameron said. “I have a lot of fun with my mom.”

To her children, Rosa is the best mom in the world, and that is all that matters. As long as they look up to her and love her as much as she loves them, she is doing something right.

Rosa also knows and understands what the key to being a good mother is. While she has taught her children great life lessons, the most important thing to them is the fact that their mother is present. She is always there for them and she always prioritizes them, and that is truly amazing.

“Rosa always makes time for our children,” Jeff said. “There are many days when she comes home from work exhausted, but she finds the energy (sometimes with the help of some coffee) to do homework with our daughter Cameron and to take her to dance class and soccer practice. She has an awesome relationship with Taylor and Madison. One of the cool things that they do when they have time is binge watching ‘K-Dramas.’ There are plenty of nights when I’ve come home from work, or am getting ready to leave for my overnight job and Rosa and the girls are playing one of the many Just Dance games on the Nintendo Wii.”

We could go on and on about Rosa as a mother, and that’s because she excels at it. She knows how to take care of her girls and how to always be there for them, and they truly enjoy spending time with them.

“My mom helps me with my homework, reading, putting puzzles together and she plays with me,” Cameron said.

On top of being an everlasting presence in her own children’s lives, Rosa is also someone who is constantly there for the people all around her. She is selfless both inside and outside of her household, and this is something that truly sticks out about her.

“What makes her good to others is her persistence to help everyone even when no one else does,” Madison said.

Rosa is a great friend to many and she is constantly looking out for the good of others, plus she is the life of any party. She can light up a room just by entering into it, and she has a precious smile.

She is also someone who is very easy on the eyes, and you can tell her beauty is one of the many things that attracted Jeff to Rosa. She is a gorgeous woman, and even her daughters speak to that.

“She’s a total hottie,” Taylor said.

Now whether you want to speak to Rosa’s good looks or her reliability and her dependability, she is truly a special character. She is someone that people look up to and that people love being friends with, and there is nothing bad that can be said about Rosa.

She is a one of a kind woman who cherishes her friendships, her family and her marriage, and for that a lot of people are beyond grateful. Rosa has a very happy husband and seven children who look up to her, and her presence is not something they take for granted.

“I want Rosa to know that through all the BS, through all the tough times we’ve had over the years, that she is still the love of my life, and I love her with everything I’ve got. I’m not always the best husband, but I will never stop trying to be.” – Jeff


family means everything

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