Never Stop Fighting: Ashleigh Dunn is a fighter who can get through anything, and her family is proud of her

Two years ago, Ashleigh Dunn received a life altering diagnosis.

She was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, which causes chronic pain to her cranial nerve. She has been fighting through all of the pain and suffering, and recently had a neurosurgery procedure to help alleviate a lot of the pain. Ashleigh had two neurotransmitters implanted and has begun the road to recovery. She is a fighter. 

Throughout the ups and downs of this disease the last two years, Ashleigh’s husband Jamie has seen nothing but true fight in his wife and she will keep on fighting for pain relief and getting her life back. She has pushed past the pain to continue to raise her three children, and that is something that Jamie absolutely admires about her.

And yet, it is through the way Ashleigh has fought through her trigeminal neuralgia that one thing became prominent. This disease is not what defines her. What defines Ashleigh is her amazing personality and her deep compassion for others, as well as her hotness.

“Ashleigh has a glowing smile, a sweet personality and a huge heart,” Jamie said. “She loves to be silly, especially with our kids. She enjoys trying to embarrass them… they hate it! She is a loving and caring wife, mom, daughter and sister. She is a great and supportive friend. I love her sexy butt too, especially in jeans!!!”

Ashleigh loves being a mother of three, and there is nothing she prioritizes more than Parker (14), Jordyn (11) and Brayden (9). Ashleigh puts them first in every situation, acting as their comforter, provider and protector. She is their mama bear! Ashleigh is also someone who her kids really look up to. She is a role model who teaches them many important lessons in life, and it is because of this and many other reasons that he knows his kids have the best mom in the world.

“Ashleigh’s number one focus is her family,” Jamie said. “She is there to provide comfort when our kids need it, she has a way with words when talking to them about both the good and the bad and they know they can always go to mom with anything.”

Ashleigh is there for her kids 24/7, and the support she shows them is truly amazing. She is their number one cheerleader and she is always going to look out for them.

At the same time, Ashleigh is someone who wants what is best for everyone around her. Whether you are talking about her husband, her extended family or her friends, she is an everlasting presence. She loves people and people love her.

“I admire her kindness and huge heart,” Jamie said. “She’s my biggest supporter. Plus she’s an awesome mother, like I mentioned before.”

Jamie knows that he can count on his wife to have his back, and for that he is eternally grateful.

She is an amazing wife and a remarkable woman, and the past two-plus decades of being together is something that Jamie does not take for granted. He would marry his wife over and over again if he could, which is why one of his favorite memories to this day is the day they said, “I do.”

“We still talk and laugh about our wedding day 19 years ago and all the awesome moments that happened: Ashleigh’s late night out on our wedding eve and how she felt the morning of, my onion breath (thanks Macado’s), the baby powder in the air vents and of course my best phrase IT WAS GREAT,” Jamie said.

It was a wonderful day because the person he was marrying was his soulmate. She means the absolute world to Jamie, and he cherishes her.

Throughout the years, Jamie has seen Ashleigh go through adversity and he knows that she has dealt with a lot, and he is beyond proud of the woman that she is. He knows that everything she has gone through has made her grow in exponential ways… mainly because it has helped him become a better person seeing what his wife has gone through.

Ashleigh is simply amazing and the tenacious fight she has in her could help her withstand anything, and her family loves her for this.

“I am so proud of you and your fight to overcome the severe trigeminal neuralgia pain,” Jamie concluded. “You have experienced significant obstacles and speed bumps along the way but you didn’t give up! While we know there will be challenging days, you are getting your life back and we can see that positive outlook in your face, in your voice and in your smile.”


never stop fighting

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