‘Heart For People’: Greg Kessler is a patient listener, loving father and a huge influence on his three sons

Greg Kessler has a penchant for doing multiple things at the same time, which includes his studying for a masters degree while also raising children — “for some insane reason,” his kids say — and a tendency to start new oil paintings before finishing the one he’s working on. But with Greg, multitasking is about so much more than simple tasks or projects.

He is a lover of all people and the type of guy who can listen to multiple opinions and work to understand each and every one of them. 

He has a huge heart for his wife Jen and three sons Austin, Caleb and Josh, and he has also served his community as an addiction counselor for two decades before shifting to nonprofit work. 

Greg Kessler has incredible love and grace, his kids say, and he spreads it wherever he goes. Those qualities have also made a huge impact at home as a husband and father who had a knack for keeping his family united through whatever came their way.

“He has a talent for empathizing with many perspectives at once, while also helping others understand those perspectives, which has resolved many family arguments,” Caleb said. 

“He has a heart for people. I have watched him my whole life have such a special gift to meet people where they are in life and help or care for them or empathize with their situation.”

Austin, Caleb and Josh would all say that their dad’s influence on them was clear as they observed the way he treated people. They’ve all strived to emulate his best qualities in their own lives while also seeking the same levels of patience and selflessness. 

But the lessons that Greg has taught them — and continues to teach them — are also more tangible. 

The one that they like to bring up are hunting excursions with dad as kids. The way Greg handled those trips was to take all three of them out to the woods individually, which was just as much about quality time as it was shooting a deer.

At the same time, Greg’s real intentions for the trips became clearer as the kids grew up. 

“We now know it was just an excuse to sit in the woods, watch football and drink beer,” Caleb said.

Austin holds up his first time getting a deer as one of his most memorable moments with his dad. 

He remembers Greg being happier for him than Austin was for himself, which is a trend that held up in many other areas of their lives, too. It was yet another show of steadfast support from his dad, which is a common thread from their childhoods to now.

Greg has poured all of his love and support into his family, which is appreciated even more than he knows. He raised three sons who have grown to be decent and thoughtful men because they hold their dad up as the portrait of both of those qualities. 

This Christmas, their message is clear: Thank you.

“He has raised each of us with as much love and care as he has,” Josh said. “He means more than words can describe.”

“Dad, we love you and thank you for being a wonderful dad,” Austin, Caleb, and Josh said. “The leadership, patience, and selflessness you have displayed throughout our childhood and now as adults are greatly valued.”

heart for people

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