An Exemplary Father: Don is turning 90, and on this birthday his kids remember just how much he has done for them and everyone else

At 90 years young, Don Phillips is the epitome of what a loving and devoted father should look like.

Born in Taylorville, Illinois in 1932, Don has always had a knack for being there for others. This boded well in his career as a guidance counselor, and it has also boded well for him as the father to two children.

“He is a loving, caring father who always had time for his children,” Mark said. “He has always been there for my sister Sheri and I.”

For over 60 years Don has been a father and it is the greatest reward in life that he could think of. His children speak so highly of him and they know that there is not a single thing he would not do for them.

“I admire his love for life and his family,” Mark said. “Always making time for his kids.”

He is a dedicated father, and he is certainly a dedicated grandfather and great grandfather. He loves his children and all their children more than anything in the world, and they are constantly looking up to him.

They have all had the opportunity to learn so much from him over the years and they enjoy his passion for not only family, but also friends.

“He’s a role model, a father and a friend,” Mark exclaimed.

Don has a knack for taking care of others and making sure they have everything they need, and his constant acts of selflessness and kindness over the years has helped him build up so many great friendships and relationships.

When people think of Don Phillips, they should also think of his love of tennis. While Mark remembers growing up playing all sorts of sports with his father, Don has always had an extra special love of tennis. There is something about the sport that he loves, whether it’s watching or playing the sport.

His love of tennis aside, there is certainly no question that Don is an amazing person who a lot of people look up to and know they can count on. They appreciate him and are grateful for the wisdom and compassion he brings to everyday life.

“We all love you and are blessed to be celebrating your birthday with you,” Mark said.

After all these years, Mark and Sheri are still just as grateful for their father and are thankful for all the memories he has created with them for the past six-plus decades, both good and bad.

“He would always sing to us kids in the morning to wake us up and we didn’t appreciate it,” Mark exclaimed.

This is a memory that has stuck with Mark as it is something that he knows he took for granted at the time, but now that his father is celebrating his 90th birthday it seems moot.

Luckily almost every other memory Mark and Sheri have with their father are positive and they appreciated it at the time, and they are looking forward to making even more memories with their father in this next stage of life. They love him and appreciate him, and they are glad to call him Dad.

“You are a great example of what a father and husband should be,” Mark concluded.

an exemplary father

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