‘I’m Thankful For Her’: Scott is so glad he has Amy in his life and he cannot wait to spend the rest of eternity with her

When you are with someone for over a decade you start to gain an extra appreciation for that person.

This is exactly how Scott feels about his longtime girlfriend, Amy, as she brings him so much joy and happiness each and every day. Through all of life’s highs and lows, he could not imagine going through them with anyone more amazing than Amy. She is his entire world and he is grateful beyond words for her.

“She means pretty much everything to me,” Scott said. “She helped me grow as a person. She’s just everything. She always puts you before herself too.”

Over the years Scott has learned a great deal of things from Amy, including how to meet someone and how to love that person. On top of this, he has also learned how to treat others well. Amy is such a joy to be around, not just because she loves to have fun and is great at karaoke, but also because she has done things like raise money by selling T-shirts she had made for a friend battling cancer.

Amy’s selflessness is amazing, as well as her ability to put a smile on others’ faces. She can light up any room she walks into just by showing her pearly whites, and she spreads joy even when she is having a difficult day.

“She always seems happy,” Scott said. “Even if she’s not, she pretends to be. She wants everyone else to feel good.”

It’s amazing to see how well Amy treats others, and Scott is glad he gets to be a part of it. He loves getting to see just how much of a light she can be to so many people all around her, and this starts with her three kids, Hayle, Will and Lukas.

“She does everything for them,” Scott said. “She always makes sure they have what they need. She does what she can to make them feel better when something goes wrong. She’s just always there for them. She always made sure her daughter had what she needed in particular. Overall, she just constantly puts them before herself.”

Amy has raised her children well, and Scott knows that because of the mother she is they will continue to do great things.

Scott also loves getting to spend time with Amy when neither of them are working. He just truly enjoys spending any amount of time with her, even if it is just watching TV, as she truly makes everything fun.

“We enjoy having a miserable time working on projects too,” Scott said.

Life with Amy is amazing and Scott is grateful for all the amazing memories they have made together so far, and he cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for them. He is glad to call this amazing Army veteran Amy, as everything she does stuns him in a good way.

Scott cannot imagine life without Amy and he does not want to even begin to think about that.

“She is appreciated and her selflessness doesn’t go unnoticed,” he concluded. “I am thankful for what she does and who she is.”

I'm Thankful For Her

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