‘A Great Dad’: Brian Edmondson is a father who was always there, and his kids appreciate him for such

As a young boy, Brian (Ed) Edmondson greatly enjoyed spending time outdoors hunting with his Grandpa Ike. He loved going fishing with his friends in the Kenora area as well.

It is clear that even from a young age, Brian enjoyed being around family and friends as much as possible. He enjoyed getting out and exploring, and he enjoyed nature a lot.

Then he had kids and started taking an interest in what they enjoyed doing.

When it comes to his son Dave, Brian has always enjoyed taking him to his hockey practices and games. It did not hurt that Brian was an avid hockey fan, but knowing it was something his son was genuinely intrigued by, that is what made running him all over the place worthwhile.

In fact, he was his son’s number one cheerleader. He supported him in every way, from taking him to innumerable practices, games and out-of-area tournaments. He even coached his son at one time, and Dave remembers the time they spent together playing at the ODR at Rabbit Lake Community Club.

As for his daughter Kim, Brian has always supported her in everything she does as well. This love and support never felt like his obligation as a father, but instead taking care of Kim (and Dave) was something he always enjoyed doing. Brian has always wanted what is best for his children, and that is why many of his hobbies and interests really revolve around their interests.

“Dad has had many hobbies and interests over the years,” Dave said. “When we were young he was a devoted father. He built a barn in the back of the property so Kim could have a Quarter Horse and supported her in going to competitions in Northwestern Ontario. Not to be left out, he made sure I had a pony, although I usually preferred riding my dirt bike throughout the property instead.”

Brian also made the purchase of an island on Lake of the Woods with a little pink camp on it. His family got to enjoy many times on the island, which included fishing.

He and Dave would dump shoot beer bottles down the pipeline and go ice fishing, as well as swimming in the same lake Brian drove his car into when he was younger.

Brian has even made many memories with the love of his life, Margaret, as well. From their times in Comox to their RV trips to their trips around the world, they love each other and cherish their time together. And when he and Margaret got together, he embraced and has had many special times with her daughter’s Wendy and Vivian.

Dave and Kim also look up to their father because he is a very caring and compassionate individual. He not only took great care of them over the years, but he has also been a great grandfather to his grandchildren – Ethan (33), Chloe (17), Jules (20), Iain (21) and Anna (18).

He also worked for many years at the Pulp and Paper Mill in Kenora, Ontario. He started out as a young man as a laborer. He then got his Millwright certification and worked as a millwright for many years.

For his last few years at the mill he worked in management in the Planning Department. Prior to getting on at the mill, Brian likes to tell the story of how he dropped out of high school in Grade 10. He eventually went back to night school and got his grade 12 diploma.

Prior to getting on at the mill he held various jobs including working as a taxi driver, a bus driver, and a laborer at the local Flour Mill. He often commented that to get on at the Pulp and Paper Mill, he applied in the morning and the manager told him there were no current jobs and to check back in the future. So he went for lunch and came back in the afternoon of the same day, asking if there were any jobs available.

His persistence paid off and he was soon hired. This valuable lesson was not lost on his two children Kim and Dave.

Plus, Brian would even pick up many extra shifts at work, not just because of how dedicated he is to his work, but because of how dedicated he is to his children. He worked hard to buy new figure skates and a dirt bike for them, and this is something they will always appreciate about him.

“Dad is an honest, loving and caring man,” Dave said. “He was a hard worker throughout his working years. As a father, Kim and I knew we could always count on our dad to be there for us.”

After his retirement, Brian even started his own Fish Guiding business, guiding tourists from out of town to catch fish on Lake of the Woods. He had an extensive knowledge of Lake of the Woods and took many friends and family on great trips down the lake. 

He even became a skilled carver, carving various items including float planes which he customized and gave to his kids and grandkids. He also has a collection of cowboy figures he carved that are just amazing.

Dad is always happy and positive,” Dave said. “He’s always willing to lend a hand and help out. He’s loving and kind. He’s down to earth. He’s a supportive and loving dad. He’s a good listener. You always knew he was there for you. Oh, and he’s got a great sense of humor.”

Dad means the world to us. We could not have asked for a better dad and we have countless memories of great times with lots of love and laughter. It’s impossible for me not to tear up when thinking of all the wonderful moments we have had together.”


‘A Great Dad’: Brian Edmondson

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