Rock & Soulmate: Theresa leaves zero doubt in Bob’s mind that she is the one for him

What started as throwing erasers at one another and tossing the softball during high school has turned into date boxes and 32 years of true love and joy for Bob and Theresa.

When Bob first met Theresa he knew there was something special about her, but little did he know that high school romance would turn into a lifetime of happiness. However, he will tell you he is glad he is still with this woman, as she is the woman of his dreams and the one person who may know him better than himself.

“She’s the love of my life,” Bob said. “She’s my rock. She holds me together. She keeps me in check. We’ve grown closer together. She’s my soulmate.”

Theresa is everything to Bob. She means the world to him and she has brought him 32 years of love, laughs and growing as a man. She brings out the best in him, and he could not imagine someone better for him than his wife.

She is someone who is super selfless and has a great personality too. More than just being a dedicated wife, Theresa is a dedicated friend and someone who is constantly looking out for others. She would do anything for anyone, and she is as reliable as they come.

“She always puts other people first,” Bob said. “She will drop whatever she is doing to help people.”

Theresa is genuinely invested in people’s lives. She listens and keeps her mind open, and she is also willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. She loves people so much, and this is one of the many things that makes her a remarkable human being.

Theresa is a great mother and grandmother on top of this. She loves her kids and would do anything for them, including calling off work to babysit any number of her grandchildren.

“She takes each one of her children to heart and hates to see them struggle with any of life’s difficulties,” Bob said. “She is a good listener and will always offer advice if it’s wanted or will just be a sounding board if needed. She is now known as Meme (Memay) to the grandkids, and she is their favorite play partner. She always takes the time to play with each one of them when they come over.”

Theresa has always had a knack for individuality. She knows the needs of each of her children and grandchildren, and she treats them each as their own person. She devotes time to each of them, and that is an irreplaceable trait.

Overall, Theresa Dubois is an amazing woman with a lot of heart. She loves family and she loves people, and Bob is super grateful for her. He is glad she took a chance on him, and he is glad he has her in his corner.

“Look at how much we have grown together since our wedding day. We’ve survived the bad times and laughed through the good ones. Look how much you have grown as a woman and wife and mother and the sacrifice you have made for me and the kids. After 32 years you are still the one I look forward to coming home to.”

Rock & Soulmate: Theresa

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