‘My Anchor’: Tina’s story is something that many people can be inspired by

When one door closes, another one opens.

For Tina Newcomb, she experienced this firsthand, and it is an experience she would not change for the world.

“Tina doesn’t give up,” her husband Shane said. “She fights until the very end. She lost her job shortly before my daughter Lily was born. It was actually a blessing. She started her own durable medical equipment company 18 months later. It continues to grow every year. Her can-do attitude is fun to watch. Tell her she can’t do something and then watch her do it.”

When the tough got going, Tina did not complain. She could have easily gotten flustered and seen her lost job as a negative, but she refused to do so.

She just put her head down and started working on building her own business. It wound up being the best decision she has ever made, and Shane is so proud of the successful company his wife has built.

Tina has been doing all of this while she and Shane have been raising their 15-year-old daughter, Lily, and thinking about this makes Shane admire his wife even more than before. She does such a wonderful job juggling everything that she does, and she is always ready to face whatever challenges life throws at her.

“We have a good cop/bad cop mentality in our family,” Shane said. “I get to be the good cop. It’s way easier than her job. She has to put the hammer down when necessary. She also stays up on Lily about school and extracurricular activities. I just have to show up. Tina doesn’t know how much I truly appreciate what she does.”

Shane knows that he could not do it without Tina.

Everything that she does to raise their daughter is commendable and is noticed by Shane. He is glad that he has Tina in his corner, because she helps make life a whole lot easier.

Tina is someone who is always there for her family, especially for her mom. Her mom is a cancer survivor, and what Tina saw her mom go through helped to inspire part of her business, and it is a big reason why her business is so successful to this day.

Shane is constantly in awe of his wife, and he is proud of her every single day.

“Tina is the love of my life,” he said. “She loves hard and expects much, but she makes you better at everything you do. I don’t want to imagine my world without her in it.”

Tina is constantly pushing people to be better versions of themselves, and she is such a great role model to so many people around her.

She is making an impact wherever she goes, and her story is nothing short of inspirational.

She is an amazing woman, and she is truly loved by all.

“I love you with all my heart, more today than ever before,” Shane said. “Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories and always being there when the memories are not so wonderful. You are my anchor, and I can’t imagine a life without you in it.”my anchor

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