‘Love You More’: Amidst life’s toughest battles, Shana is always ready to fight

When Brian tied the knot with his wife, Shana, back in 1997, he knew that she was a special woman.

Almost 25 years later, he truly began to recognize just how special of a person she truly is. He realized that no matter what life throws at her, she is going to fight it with a brave face and a whole lot of optimism.

“In 2020, breast cancer threatened to take it all away,” Brian said. “However, a warrior rose to the occasion and stared cancer in the eyes with a grace, courage and strength unknown to mankind. Her bravery makes me love her more every day.”

Shana was certainly not willing to go down without a fight, and she battled her cancer head-on. She is always ready for whatever life throws her way, and her fight is something that is truly inspirational.

Anyone who knows Shana knows that she is such a positive person, and her husband says that she is someone who possesses “strength, courage, bravery, wisdom and patience.”

She has such a wonderful personality, and this is a personality that Brian was drawn to from the moment he first laid eyes on her. He knew that she was a one-of-a-kind woman, and he was not about to take no for an answer.

“We met at a grocery store and I begged her to go out with me,” Brian said. “Our first date was to a college football game.”

When she agreed to go to a football game with him for their first date, he realized instantly that she was a keeper. Now, decades later, they are happily married and continue to grow in love every day.

“She makes me a better person by standing by my side, even though my decisions are not always right,” Brian said.

She is his number one supporter, and he is glad he has her by his side. She helps keep him out of trouble, and she has helped shape Brian into the husband and father he is today.

Shana is a great role model both to her husband and to their two kids, and she makes such an impact on so many lives around her.

Brian loves spending time with his wife, and he cannot wait to spend the rest of his life with his best friend and his companion right next to him.

He also wants to remind her that “one day, we will take our long awaited trip to Alaska.”

They love traveling with one another and being by each other’s side, and Brian is grateful for all the memories he has created with Shana.

“We enjoy our vacations together when we get to go,” he said.

Just being with her makes life infinitely better, and the growth they will continue to have as a couple is going to be a sight to behold.

Shana is Brian’s everything, and he knows the best is yet to come.

“To the world she is Shana, but to me she will always be Bearsy,” he said. “I love her more.”love you more

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