‘She is a master maestro of this thing called life!’: No matter how much Kristen Boyar juggles, she never fails to show up as the most supportive mother and wife

Would you believe it if I told you a love story can happen just from a Craigslist ad?

If not, the story of Kristen and Adam Boyar will convince you.

At the time, Adam’s buddy, Joe, posted the ad that read, “”Looking for a roommate in a 2 br condo by the beach close to everything you will ever NEED!”

Living in upstate New York, Kristen answered the ad and moved to San Diego on a whim. When Joe asked Adam to go meet his new roommate and bring her to a beach party, Adam had a funny feeling.

“When I knocked on the door, I had no idea that I would find my wife on the other side,” Adam said. “When I saw her, my mind blew. After a bunch of stimulating “that’s so weird”s and a fun ride to where the beach meets the sand, It didn’t take long for me to realize that Kristen was the who I wanted to spend forever with.”

From the moment that they met, Adam and Kristen clicked. “That day and night we went from taxi to the bay, to the Dog, and later that night it happened: The first kiss,” Adam recalled.

So many things about her attracted Adam. One of her most admirable qualities, he says, is her sense of humor. “That’s the kind of woman I want in my life – someone who can make me laugh while at the same time being the only person I want to spend time with,” Adam said.

While that is just one of her many amazing qualities, the others are her fierce competitiveness, her brilliance, her love for her friends and family, her joy, and most importantly, her wrestling moves.

Kristen is also one of the most helpful people Adam has ever met. “My wife loves to help others. If someone is having a bad day, she will find out what’s wrong and do her best to make it better for them,” he said.

When she’s not devoting her time to the people she loves, Kristen enjoys escaping into a hot bath or diving into a good show with some popcorn. In her small amount of free time, she loves to scare her family which is really creepy sometimes, says Adam, especially when she sneaks up on him in the bathroom.

However, “she really is someone special,” Adam said.

Not only a perfect wife, but an extraordinary mother to their two kids, Cece and Dom.

Although busy, Kristen always manages to juggle many responsibilities at once, and for that, Adam wants to celebrate her. “She is truly the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met in my life,” he said.

Kristen has an abundance of love and showers her family with it. As a mother, she’s always looking to make memories for their children and empathizing with them to understand their wants and needs. “She is understanding of what the kids are going through and keeps her own emotions at bay in order to better help our kids grow,” Adam said.

Both Cece and Dom recognize this in their mother and are eternally grateful for everything that she does for them.

“I love that she’s funny, and she makes things fun that normally wouldn’t be fun like studying or going to sleep,” Cece said.

Dom also appreciates her bedtime stories. He loves that she helps him get ready for school, clean his room, and get better at basketball, he said.

With their mother, there is never a dull moment. For Dom, he loves to cuddle with her, play basketball 1 on 1, and go to the library together. And for Cece, she loves that they can read books together, go to Genie car washes, and do yoga.

Cece and Dom love how amazing their mom is to their dad.

“She’s genuine and kind. She helps him with Cross Roots. They have fun together.  They work as a team and go good together,” Cece said.

“They always have fun together,” Dom said.

Watching Kristen with the kids inspires Adam to be a better parent. But overall, she makes him better in more subtle ways.

“When I am with her, I see the way she loves people and how she is always trying to help them. And it makes me realize that if everyone was like that then maybe we would all be better. I see the way she works hard and never complains about all the life she tackles. The way she has time for our kids even when she doesn’t. How she listens with open ears and is always there to support,” Adam said.

He loves how she manages to do it all and do it all perfectly. She is super thoughtful and caring with Adam, Cece, and Dom and she is always incredibly supportive of them.

“I love how dedicated she is! She has so many things to balance and she is a master maestro of this thing called life!” Adam said.

But above all, “I am lucky to be able to spend my life with her.” – Adammaster maestro

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