The Best Supporter: Anne Marie Nelson is a huge sports fan who is one for passing her passions onto others

From a young age, Anne Marie Nelson has had a passion for all things sports and scholastics.

Being an all-scholastic gymnast herself, Anne Marie has helped pass the love of sports down to her own children, and she has helped them succeed in these sports while being their number one cheerleader along the way.

Her daughter, Alyssa, was a very successful high school swimmer, even earning all-conference honors. Her son, Tyler, was a Massachusetts Gatorade Player of the Year, is the all-time leading scorer in Fairfield Stags history, and played in the G-League before making the jump to overseas professional basketball.

All of this is to say that neither of Anne Marie’s children would have been able to achieve all the things they have achieved without their mom’s love and support throughout the years. She is a devoted mother who has made all the difference in the world in her kids’ lives, and they know they could not have done it without her.

“My mom has always been the biggest supporter of my brother and I,” Alyssa said. “We always knew that she was rooting for us and had our backs. She brought us to all of our activities, helped with homework and showed up for us no matter what. She is always there to help and is the first person I call when I need advice. I know that no matter what, she is going to love me and give me the best advice.”

This love and support do not just stop at her own children, either. Anne Marie is always looking for ways to give back to all those around her, and she has done this while still being able to be involved with her passion for sports.

“After the kids entered high school, Anne Marie returned to teach high school physical education, where she is still currently working at,” her husband Jeff said. “She is a great role model for young women. She is great at building her kids’ self-esteem and developing their core values.”

That is what it is all about for Anne Marie. She wants to be a difference maker to those around her, and she wants to help shape young people’s minds to the best of her ability.

She does this by being a great role model and by living a life that people should try to emulate. She is someone who is consistently dedicated to whatever the task is – being a teacher, a mother, a wife or anything in between – and she is always putting forth maximum effort.

“My mom instilled kindness, work ethic and authenticity into my brother and I over the years,” Alyssa said. “She taught us the importance of kindness and treating others with respect and care. My mom is one of the most dedicated and hard-working people I know. She gives 100 percent to everything that she does and was a great model of that for my brother and I. She showed us that great things can happen when you give your best effort.”

Give it your all and be yourself, and you will find yourself achieving goals and being more successful than you ever thought possible. This is something that people can truly learn from Anne Marie.

Another important life lesson that people can learn from Anne Marie is selflessness. She is someone who is constantly there for others, making sure they are taken care of.

“She always puts everyone else first,” Jeff said. “She always helped the kids in the neighborhood and is a supportive wife.”

It does not matter if it is her own kids, the kids around the block or the kids at school, Anne Marie is always making sure they get the help they need and is always making sure they are shown love and compassion.

She is also someone who has shown what a healthy, long-sustaining marriage looks like, and people are appreciative of all they can take away from how she and Jeff show love and compassion toward each other.

“My mom and dad’s relationship has taught me the value of being true to yourself, honesty and taking time to have fun,” Alyssa said. “My mom has always told me and shown me that it is important to do things that bring you joy and take time for yourself. She has also always taught me the importance of being honest about your feelings and what you need from your loved ones. I love how my parents take time to do fun things together.”

Everything Anne Marie and Jeff do, they do together, and they are making memories along the way.

Jeff knows that his wife is a special person who deserves the world, and he is glad that he gets to be by her side throughout this journey called life. He does not know what he would do without her, and he is looking forward to spending many more years with the love of his life.

He and the kids are thankful for Anne Marie, and they know everyone who knows her is too.

“I just would like everyone to know how much she sacrificed so our kids could enjoy their activities and I could have a great career. That has never gone unnoticed, and we are so grateful for that.”the best supporter

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