“We look at her like she is a superhero”

Michelle Wilson is an incredibly strong, dedicated mother and wife who gives her all to her family.

Her husband, Matt, said he is amazed that she juggles working full-time as an administrative assistant, freelance writing, and being a devoted mom to their son, Matthew Jr. 

“I love all the little things that Michelle does for us without ever asking for praise,” Matt said. “She always wants to help make our lives better. We look at her like she is a superhero.”

The couple met online and had their first date at Saul Good in Lexington. They ate dinner and then went to the Fayette Mall and walked around talking for a couple of hours. Matt smiles as he remembers when they were leaving there was a rainbow that made a perfect end to the night. 

He said he knew Michelle was “the one” when they were getting together for dinner at Penn Station, and he walked out the door and he saw her standing outside. 

“When I got a glimpse of her, I thought she was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen and how lucky I was to be with her,” Matt said. “At that moment, I knew I always looked forward to seeing her and I truly missed her when we weren’t together.”

Michelle and Matt were married on September 24, 2016, and had an incredible honeymoon at Disney. Matt said staying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge and seeing the animals up close every day was a great week to the start of the rest of their lives. He is thrilled they were able to take their son to Disney this past December to let him experience it.

Michelle enjoys playing Spyro on the PS4 and watching the Steelers. She has bonded with Matt over their love for the Lord of the Rings, watching all of the extended versions the movies.

The most important thing for Michelle is her family. Whether it’s sitting on the couch watching a show together or taking a short trip to Pigeon Forge, Matt is amazed with how great of a mom she is to Matthew.  

“She is so kind and patient with our son,” Matt said. “She loves him with all her heart and would do anything for him.”

Matt said Michelle is incredibly strong, courageous, and kind, adding that she helps him not get discouraged when things don’t go the way he wants.

“She is a rock for me to be able to talk to and always feel loved,” Matt said. “I love everything about her. She is beautiful with a great smile.”

Matt knows how lucky he and Matthew are to have such a wonderful, caring person in their lives.

“Michelle, thank you for everything you do for Matthew and me,” he said. “The past eight years we have spent together are the best of my life and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.”

Michelle Wilson: 'A Superhero'

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