‘Everlasting Love’: There are so many reasons why Eric loves Tiphani the way that he does, and he is grateful to call her his wife

There are many things that have attracted Eric to his wife Tiphani more and more over time. From her work ethic to her care to her consistency, there is so much to love about this woman. She is also a great mom, a role model and the epitome of patience, and these are all things that Eric appreciates about his wife.

And yet, that is just the tip of the iceberg. As you begin to look at Tiphani on a deeper level, you come to find out even more amazing things about her.

For starters, she is a family woman through and through. She would do anything for the good of her family, and the Pace clan is better off because of her guidance, love and support.

“She’s the glue that holds our family together,” Eric said. “She’s been a big part of me and helped me become successful. She’s shown us the importance of doing things for others before yourself.”

And while she may sometimes be a little too selfless at times, Eric loves the fact that Tiphani always wants to do for others.

Eric loves the fact that Tiphani is a great mother as well. She is so loving and supportive, and she is a sense of comfort and nurturing to their three children. She is also a mama bear who would do anything to protect Vaught, Waylon and their baby girl Ruthie.

“She never forgets a school activity,” Eric said. “She always remembers what the wacky days are at school. She puts a meal on the table every night. Even with the stress of the day at work, she still puts down a meat and three vegetables. She’s the leader of our family for our three children. She makes sure homework gets done and that they get showers.”

What is even more amazing about Tiphani is the fact that she is a pediatric nurse on top of being a super supportive mother. She has a heart for children and taking care of others, and that is something Eric is constantly blown away by.

“She’s a very selfless person,” Eric said. “She puts others’ needs before her own. At the same time, she doesn’t take crap. She doesn’t like being done wrong. But again, at the same time she is loving and compassionate to everybody.”

Tiphani has great balance when it comes to the way she treats others, on top of so many other things in life. According to Eric, she is a “lean, mean cooking machine” while also being funny, cute and ambitious.

He could go on and on and on about how wonderful his wife is, and that is because she truly is. There are not many people out there quite like Tiphani, and that is why he cherishes her and loves her as much as he does.

The Pace family is appreciative of Tiphani and they are thankful for the love and support she always pours out on them, and they cannot wait to continue living life with this extraordinary woman.

“Love is kind; love is real; love is truth. Our love is everlasting.” – Eric

‘Everlasting Love’: Tiphani and Eric

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